Frugal New Year’s Party Must Haves


AFM Frugal New Year's Party Must Haves

This year we are doing something different on New Year’s Eve, we are hosting an intimate informal get together with some of our closest friends. Unfortunately, we decided this late so some of our close friends had other plans but that is not stopping us from holding a party. It doesn’t matter if just one person shows up it is all about spending time with friends and family. Here are a list of party essentials to have on hand for those impromptu gatherings.

  • Candles- Keep a supply of unscented candles on hand to create an intimate atmosphere. Spread these around your party area but make sure they are far enough away that they won’t set something on fire.
  • Ice Buckets or something to keep ice in. – Just about anything can work for this. Think beyond those big galvanized tubs.
  • Folding chairs- You never know how many people will be attending so always have some on hand. We have several that we have gotten at yard sales that we keep back in our shed and when we are having a party we just pull them out.
  • Utensils- Remember it is not all about the bowls and serving platters. Make sure you have an assortment of tongs, ladles, large spoons and forks. Remember you can never have enough serving utensils.
  • Trays- especially if you are walking around with the food. These you can pick up at any thrift shop. Plus I will be showcasing how you can make a serving tray from a picture frame soon.
  • Cloth Napkins- I know you are thinking what she is crazy. But cloth napkins add a bit of elegance to even the most casual event. Check thrift shops and factory outlets for discounts on these party must haves.
  • Bottle opener- This is a most have if you are serving adult beverages.

These are just a few things that you have on hand for those impromptu gatherings. Tomorrow I will share with some easy appetizers that you can serve.

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