Fun Crayon Crafts To Do With Your Kids

Fun Crayon Crafts To Do With Your Kids from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

Day after day, it’s a battle to entertain the kids and keep them happy. I’m sure y’all know the feeling: you’ve finally found something for the kids to do, and yet, ten minutes later, they’re already back and telling you, “There’s nothing to do, and I’m booooored!” If you’ve ever experienced this, it may be time to try out one of these fun crayon crafts to do with your kids! Crayon is more versatile than you would expect. Plus, since crayon is easy to clean off wood, you won’t have to worry about the kids staining or ruining your nice wood tables with crayon wax during craft time.

Make New Crayons

If you have a lot of broken crayons in your house, this craft might be a good one for you. All you’ll need are those crayons and an oven-safe container, like a muffin or cupcake tin. Peel the paper off the crayons, break them into tiny pieces to fit into the tin, and put them in the oven to melt. Bam! A whole set of new, colorful, chunky crayons for you and your kids to enjoy.

Crayon Candles

Another option for broken crayons is to make them into color-block crayon candles. These candles are easy to make, very pretty, and will last for a long time. Just make sure you have enough broken crayon bits to complete the candles because this craft takes a lot of them.

Crayon-Stained Glass Window

For this craft, you will need wax paper, crayons to melt, and an iron. Have the kids design their windows by sprinkling crayon shavings on their wax paper. Then, cover the project with another layer of wax paper and use the iron to melt the wax. In the end, you’ll have a beautiful collection to hang on your windows! You can also do a variation of this craft by coloring straight on the wax paper without needing to melt anything.

Crayon Picture Frame

Make a creative picture frame using crayons! Because you won’t be melting the crayons for this one, it works a lot better with new or unbroken ones. To start, you’ll need a picture frame with wide enough edges to fit several crayons. Using a hot glue gun, glue the crayons neatly to the frame, cutting the crayons short enough to fit when necessary. These frames are great as gifts or keepsakes.

Melted Crayon Ornaments

Melted crayon ornaments are the perfect craft for your family this Christmas season. You’ll need some clear glass ornaments, crayon shavings, a blow-dryer, and some newspaper to contain the mess. Insert the crayon shavings into the ornament, and use the blow-dryer to melt them to the inside of the glass. Depending on how you tilt the ornament while blow-drying, it’ll turn out differently. Make a bunch, and they’ll add some lovely color and variety to your Christmas tree!

Any one of these fun crayon crafts to do with your kids will liven up a gray day. Plus, they’re an excellent way to spend a little quality time with your kids. Have fun crafting, and keep things colorful!

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