5 Simple Coffee Drinks that are Perfect for Summer

Summertime is beautiful! It’s when the plants are in bloom when pets and children are active, and when the sun’s bright. And it’s when you need ways to keep cool as heat increases and ways to stay awake as heat waves beat down on you. Fortunately, there are a lot of ways to do that, and they’re all delicious. Sometimes they dovetail nicely together: iced coffee drinks can keep you doing well even on the hottest and most fun days.

  1. Coconut and Macadamia Iced Latte

A very basic iced latte is fine to cool off. But previous readers of the blog will know just how versatile the latte really is: from latte cupcakes to fancy mixes, you can get a lot done with so-called “milk coffee”. Cafe owners and Filipino coffee franchise craft creative and innovative lattes to make their customers come back for more. For staying cool and refreshed in the summer, a tropical, somewhat nutty flavor like coconut or macadamia takes the latte to new heights of deliciousness.

  1. Coffee Soda

Surprising, but true. Coffee soda has become so popular in recent years that new coffee soda products have even been Kickstarted. Soda is a natural choice for refreshing yourself in the summertime, so combining it with coffee can only mean good things.

  1. Espresso & Tonic

If you want as much coffee as possible while leaving room to mix it with other beverages, espresso is what you’re looking for. Espresso can be mixed with something as simple as a tonic, making for something far more crisp and refreshing than a typical hotshot. if the idea of combining espresso with tonic alone isn’t choice enough for you, then you might take a look at the 20 best espresso machines recommended by the Coffee Maven. Espresso is much more than a brute-force shot of caffeine: even the machine you use can have a huge effect on how it goes down, and tonic certainly will. Give it a shot!

  1. Cold Brew Lemonade

Cold brew lemonade is something you can make at home with a bit of cold brew and a bit of lemonade, or you can combine your brands of choice with either. If you’ve got a favorite lemonade and a favorite cold brew already, perfect: run with that and see how it tastes!

  1. Averna

But perhaps the richest choice to pair with your coffee is Amaro Averna, a type of Sicilian liquor that has a sweet flavor yet a bitter aftertaste. Its dark color means it mixes well aesthetically with coffee, and in terms of taste, it pairs just as nicely. Just mind the alcohol content: hovering around 30%, this drink may not be what you want to cool off during the day, but it’s perfect for a hot night spent partying.

So obviously, you don’t want to drink all of these on the same day, but you can definitely pick, choose, and try what sounds best to you. And summer’s not exactly short, after all. Two months is plenty of time to drink all sorts of coffee!

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