4 Benefits of a Home Air Purifier

There’s a reason why people say they need to get some fresh air. The air quality in your home is typically worse than the air quality outdoors, even when you live in a big city. That’s because your HVAC system recirculates the air within your home, which makes it hard for toxins to escape. One tool people use to improve the air quality inside their homes is an air purifier. It can be a standalone unit or attached to your HVAC system. Plus there are options like owning a quiet air purifier, that you won’t even know you have a purifier in your house. If you don’t already have a home air purifier, look at these four benefits of owning one.

4 Benefits of a Home Air Purifier

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Helps Reduce Respiratory Problems

A home air purifier gets rid of allergens and pollutants in the air. This is important for families affected by allergies and asthma. Using a home air purifier reduces the number of respiratory problems that your family has to face. Home air purifiers filter out viruses and bacteria that can make your family sick. If you fight poor air quality with a home air purifier, your family will stay healthier and happier.

Reduces Lingering Smells and Noxious Odors

Along with all the health benefits of owning a home air purifier, you’ll also enjoy air that smells better. Home air purifiers are great at combatting the smell of cigarette smoke, dust, exhaust from gas stoves, household cleaner fumes, varnish, paint, VOCs, and any other lingering smells and noxious odors. WA Air Conditioning reports that home air purifiers can remove particles that are as small as 30 to 1.0 microns. That means odors in the air do not have enough time to stick around and embed themselves into furniture and fabric. When you have visitors, all they’ll smell is clean air.

Cuts Down on Home Cleaning and Dusting

Using it also helps you cut down on the amount of cleaning and dusting you need to do. Dust quickly settles on furniture when the air in your home is not circulated quickly. Without a home air purifier, you have to dust every couple of days to keep your house looking clean, especially if you have dark-colored furniture where the dust is easier to see. With a home air purifier, there is less dust in the air, which means you have to do less dusting. Home air purifiers also control pet hair and dander.

Reduces Strain on Your Home HVAC System

Another benefit to using one is a more efficient HVAC system that will last longer. Over time, your HVAC system becomes less effective because dust and pollutants get inside the machinery and cause strain. It prevents this from happening because there is less dust. While it helps to change the air filter in your HVAC system often, a home air purifier can do even more.

Don’t overlook the air quality in your home. If you don’t already have a home air purifier, consider having one installed. It will keep your family healthier and you’ll enjoy lots of other benefits, too.

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  1. Melissa, thanks for pointing out the issues with HVAC system. I never knew that this could add to the overall indoor air quality drop. I agree that using an indoor air purification system makes things better. What about using some indoor plants or bamboo charcoal to reduce some impurities naturally ?

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