Christmas Countdown Calendar with #BICMerryMaking

I love making crafts this time of year, my favorite item to craft with is BIC Permanent markers.


 That is why I was excited that I was challenged by Tabitha at  Meet Penny  to stretch my crafting muscle to make a craft using BIC Permanent Markers.  I decided I wanted to make a Christmas Countdown Calendar. These are very easy to make and you can use items that you already have on hand.  Well now here is what I need you to cupcake liners,  cardboard, wrapping paper, BIC Permanent Markers and some tape. OK are you ready? Cover the cardboard with wrapping paper. 

christmas countdown calendar

Next take the cupcake liners and cut out the center. Place the ruffled edges aside you can make Christmas trees from them. Place the centers where you would like them. Play with them to make sure you like the placements and then trim them up and tape to the covered cardboard.

Bic Permanent Marker Christmas Countdown

 Next after you are happy with the placement tape down and take a BIC Permanent marker and write numbers on the centers.

teddy bear clinic 013

Next add your mover, so as you are counting down you can move it. . We decided to use a reindeer Gracie had painted at the pottery. It worked perfectly.
Gracie loves her Christmas Countdown Calendar and loves to move her reindeer everyday.
Here is the finished product with the cupcake liner trees. See I told you could make Christmas trees from the ruffled edges.
Christmas Countdown Calendar with Trees.

So what do you think of our Christmas Countdown Calendar?

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  1. I usually just buy the lame advent calendars with the chocolates inside. I like your idea better 🙂

  2. This is too cute!!! We don’t have our up yet but it will be up sometime today. =D my SIL is ready to get her christmas stuff up!! =)

  3. What an adorable and unique idea. Your countdown calendar turned out really cute.

  4. Wow, what an unique and awesome idea. I can totally use that and it will also help my toddler learn to count. You did an amazing job with that.

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