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My husband wears uniforms for work. The John Deere place takes care of the laundering of the uniform. They have a service that picks up the uniforms every week and returns them the next week. Because of this I have to keep his work clothes separate from our everyday clothes. I have tried everything to keep them separate. That was the easy part him remembering to bring them to work to get washed not so easy. While looking at Pinterest one day I found this simple but easy solution, I thought I would share it with you today. This is what you need to make a homemade laundry basket.


  • An embroidery hoop I used the big size one.
  • A pillowcase ( you can buy a two pack, so you have a spare)

Basically, this is pretty simple to make but such a good way to keep track of laundry. Undo the embroidery hoop and fold the opening of the pillowcase on one hoop. Place the other hoop on top and tighten. Hang it on a hook and quick laundry basket. My husband loves this. He unscrews the hoops and takes the whole pillowcase to work with him. It is easier for him to carry them as well. I always have a spare pillowcase on hand just in case he forgets to bring the other one back. He frequently will remember but a day or two later. LOL


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