It’s Time For TMI Talking About Yeast Infections

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time for tmi yeast

Being a mom of three girls you can imagine the kind of conversations that we have and with all of them being teenagers, I want to make sure that these conversations are not only informative but  fun as well. Having three daughters there are certain topics of conversations that come up but none more important than the topic of women’s health. It is important to make these kinds of  conversations as easy and comfortable as possible. Laughter does play a big part of the conversation. (If you are around my family enough, you would know that we love to laugh.) Just the mention of the word “Cheese” around my girls will send them into fits of laughter.

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Yeast infections are one of those women’s health issues that is often misunderstood. Did you know that more than half -53% to be exact- of young women say that they don’t know how to deal with a yeast infection? And even worse than that two out of three women (64%) didn’t know that you cure a yeast infection with an over the counter treatment. And they spend quite a lot of money going to the doctor’s to find a solution.

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So because of these facts, now is the time to have that conversation with our young daughters so that they have the right information so they can make the right choices.


With this conversation, comes the responsibility of making sure our daughters know what is happening to their bodies and how to take care of a yeast infection. I let them know that having a yeast infection is NO BIG deal. And that they don’t have to panic if they get one, because I don’t think there isn’t one woman alive who hasn’t had to deal with the dreaded yeast infection.
Most of the time young girls are shamed to think that having a yeast infection is the result of them having done something wrong. Because of this misconception, Monistat® has launched a new campaign called “It’s Time for TMI“. Because let’s face it when it comes to knowing your body one cannot have too much information. And what is even cooler about this campaign is that you can take the TMI Quiz to test your knowledge about yeast infections and to receive a FREE sample of the Chafing Relief Powder Gel.  (*while supplies last ) Plus you can also get a coupon to save on Monistat® products.

So tell me do you have daughters and how have you handled the issues pertaining to women’s health? Is it a serious talk or a fun one?

Don’t worry I will let you in on the “Cheese” thing in another blog post.

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  1. Oh goodness the dreaded yeast infection! I am not looking forward to having my girls have to deal with this. I hate it myself so I hate to have to see them deal.

  2. I have only ever had once yeast infection, and it was miserable. It’s good that you’re giving your daughters the heads up, and letting them know how to handle it!

  3. I’ve only ever had YI when I was pregnant and they are awful. Wouldn’t wish upon anyone!

  4. I have never had a yeast infection but I have heard that they can be common. I never knew how you got them till now!

  5. Yeast infections are the worst. A few years ago my Daughter had to take antibiotics and we had the talk about yeast infections then. she ended up getting one and we had to go and look at what options were available. We used the Pill to cure her infection.

  6. This is one of the most dreaded topics, but it shouldn’t be ignored. We need to teach our daughters on how to handle yeast infection.

  7. Talks like these are always important to have with your daughters. I have a teen daughter too, so I understand!

  8. I have two girls & they are still young, but reading this has given me ideas of what kind of conversations are important & how you must communicate with your teens. I agree Yeast infection is something which many does not how to deal with & it is important that our teens have better knowledge over it.

  9. I do need to have this discussion w/my teen daughter. I can’t believe I’ve not thought to do that yet.

  10. Whew! Good thing I’m a boy mom. Of course, boys present there own challenges…
    Thanks for hosting the #homemattersparty with me and allowing me to co-host. Can’t believe the month is half over.

  11. Thank you for this great post. We must talk to our daughter’s about yeast infections. It’s a common thing and they should never feel embarrassed or ashamed to ask for help getting treatment. I wish someone told me about them when I was a teen.

  12. I don’t have daughters, but I do have 4 nieces, so if they ever have questions, I hope they’ll feel comfortable enough coming to me. Thanks for sharing, and for hosting #HomeMattersParty

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