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Women around the world go to great lengths to prepare their bodies for the summer season. After all, summer is the best time of year to show lots of skin and get an all-natural sun-kissed look. The variety of women’s swimwear in the market is so wide that there is surely something for any body type. Of all these varieties, monokini swimsuits have been gaining popularity among many women because of its ability to flatter just about any type of figure.

What exactly is a monokini? As the name suggests, this type of swimsuit is a single piece but gives the illusion of a bikini. This is ideal for women who are not daring enough to wear a two-piece bikini, but wish to show more skin than usual. Design-wise, monokini swimsuits have numerous styles because the top and bottom pieces can be connected, by different materials, in different ways.

However, the monokini’s original design was much more risqué than today’s style. The first monokini was composed of just a bottom piece that was attached to a strap that was worn around a woman’s neck, fully exposing her breasts. This controversial swimsuit was the brainchild of Austrian-American fashion designer Rudi Gernreich as a form of protest against the religious groups claiming that the human body is shameful.


Born and raised in Austria during World War II, Gernreich lost his father when he was eight years old and fled the country with his mother to escape the clutches of Hitler. One of Gernreich’s most formative experiences as a youth in Austria during that period was the extremely conservative society that ostracized ultra-modern practices, which included public nudity among others.


It was during his formal education in the United States – where he and his mother sought refuge – that Gernreich started actively experimenting with futuristic and avant-garde designs such as androgynous fashion for women as well as see-through clothing. The first published photo of the monokini was seen on Iowa-based Look magazine. It featured model Peggy Moffitt on the cover wearing a black Gernreich monokini that only covered the bottom torso.


Today, monokini swimsuits typically feature a top and bottom piece that are actually connected at both the front and back. As a result, the large cut-out panels at both sides reveal a woman’s waist and hips. Just like other types of swimsuits, monokinis can also come in different styles – for both the top and bottom pieces. For instance, the top can feature triangular halter, bandeau, and traditional styles among others. At the same time, the bottom can also vary in terms of cut and accessories.


Some styles have a full bottom back panel or even a g-string, while others include side strings and other accessories like beads and metal rings. To get the most out of your monokini, it’s a good idea to groom your bikini area before heading to the beach or pool in your swimsuit. With a monokini, the eye is drawn to the mid-section, so you may want to focus on that area when you work out. Since a monokini covers up most of the body, you may want to go for sheer wraps or robes as an accessory.

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