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Blogging is a journey that sometimes is rewarding and at times it can be frustrating. Developing your style of blogging is not an easy road. First you have to decide what you want to write about and then you need to do what I did research a little. I admit I have seen a few blogs that have articles written on them that have inspired to me to create my own post. But the point is that having a few favorite bloggers that you follow will allow you to develop as writer. The point that needs to made here is to make sure you are comfortable writing about a subject. If one of your favorite bloggers is a in your face blogger not afraid to state their opinions or to stir up controversy and you are more of a wallflower than that may not be the kind of style of writing for you. But in the same sense it is okay to follow bloggers who are different and you may have nothing in common with but still they inspire you to be your best. Writing styles differ from blogger to blogger, so take a tip from me learn to find inspiration in everything and anything that you touch in your life and the writing will come.

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