Ways to Rev Up Your Workout

Being unable to workout like I want really sucks. When Gracie got sick, it seems like there wasn’t time to workout plus let’s admit when the weather is colder people aka me tend to not workout or want to. Once things were finally getting better with Gracie, the car accident , which I am still recovering from, happened. I can’t wait to when I can exercise again but I am doing things to help control the weight like eating right. So I had to sit down and think of ways to help rev up my workout. Hope you can use some of these tips.

  1. Exercise with a buddy. Not only do you have someone you have to be accountable to but also this could be a great time to catch up with friends. I will tell you from my experience with physical therapy it is a lot easier to do the exercises with my physical therapist then by myself. There is something about having someone to chat with while doing the exercises that makes it a little more bearable.
  2. Choose to participate in a charity race. Knowing that you are helping others while help you feel better about yourself as well. This is something that I am going to look into once I get the clearance to fully exercise again.
  3. Buy some cool workout gear. Looking good is a great incentive to workout. I normally start wearing loose baggy clothes and as the weight comes off and I feel more comfortable I start looking for cool outfits to wear.
  4. exerciseJoin a gym or take a class. Knowing that you are financially committed to something could be the incentive that you need. Also try something new. A boxing class would be great way to get into shape. I have found that working out at Title Boxing is amazing. It is a totally different type of workout and the staff there is so friendly.
  5. Exercise outside. Nothing is better than taking it outside. Take an evening stroll with your spouse. No one has ever said that exercise can’t be romantic. Play in the water with your children, whether it is in pool or running under the sprinklers you can still have fun exercising.
  6. Reward yourself. For each goal, you reach treat yourself. It can be anything from a facial, pedicure, manicure or even tickets to your favorite soccer team.
  7. Work exercise into your day. Take the stairs instead of the elevator. While you are watching TV try adding crunches, leg lifts or cycling during commercials.
  8. Start your exercise program slow and build up to it gradually.
  9. Take time for yourself everyday. Fifteen minutes of me time will make you a better person and will decrease your stress.
  10. Increase your water intake and decrease the amount of soda that you put in your body.

I hope that these tips will help you to rev up your workout. I am looking forward to the day when I can totally start working out again. Until then get moving.

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