BBQ Rub That Leaves You Licking Your Fingers

I had a little bit of help with this review. My friend Cindi Pate from Down Home Magazine helped me out with this. Before you read her review here is a little bit about the company and the product.

Seasons Harvest provides gourmet foods that are naturally good, without chemicals or additives. How awesome is that?  If you are a long time follower you know that I am always looking for food that not only taste awesome but that is also good for you. Legend Barbecue Rub is an alternative to sauces. They are made to use for specific meats. To use their  rubs,  you just sprinkle it liberally on the meat you’re using and let  it sit for a few minutes before cooking to draw out the meat’s flavor.  The salt in Kansas City Rub will bring a bit of the meat’s juices to the surface, allowing  the sugar to caramelize into a delicious glaze. Sounds good right, not only does it sound good, just look at the picture and read the review.
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Tonight, we cooked up a batch of pork chops for supper tonight. We rubbed our meat down with the Legend Barbecue Rub and put it on the charcoal grill. {my hubby prefers charcoal to gas} I had a feeling it was going to taste good just by the smell of the rub as I put it on the meat. The grill gave the meat a blackened look – but the meat was tender on the inside. The rub itself made the chop sticky…in a good way. In each and every bite you got a taste of {mildly} hot and sweet and the pork chop was so good with the Legend Barbecue Rub on it that I licked my fingers! I would definitely use the rub again. My daughter was here from TX and they if they could take the rest home…I SAID NO. lol – I will have to get them some.

So folks don’t take Cindi’s word for it try it out for yourself.

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