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With the hustle and bustle of the holiday season comes the stress of all that hustle and bustle. Do you find you are asking yourself these questions? Will I ever have time to get all my shopping done? Will I find the right gift for everyone on my list? How many people are coming for Christmas dinner again? Well here are just a few apps that will allow you to relax and retreat at least for a minutes.

  • GPS for the Soul- (Cost=FREE, iTunes) Simply place your finger over your iPhone’s camera lenses and it measures your heart rate. If you need to relax you can use the app to view short guides on meditation or it will give you a pacer to that helps you slow your breathing.
  • Self-Control- (Cost=FREE) Are you on a deadline but you can’t stop checking Facebook? This app blocks access to websites for a set time. How cool is that?? You can get this app at self-control
  • Take A Break- (Meditation Oasis) With this app you can choose from either a 7 minute work break of a guided relaxation exercise or a longer 13 minute “Stress relief” meditation.

So what apps have you found that allow you to relax and helps to relieve your stress levels?? I am always looking for new apps to share.

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