No TKO for ME at #TITLEBoxingCary

In boxing a typical bout lasts 12 rounds well I am bound and determined to make my boxing rounds  last longer or at least have several bouts if not more. This weekend, we journeyed once again to Title Boxing Club in Cary to workout. This time it was minus Maddie, she had to work but Hubby and Mikaela were in tow. This was the first time that they were to experience this new and awesome way to workout. Let me just say that they now have a new appreciation of what Maddie, Gracie and I were talking about.  I will have to say that I will admit that I am not a morning person even though the class was at noon on the weekends that is when I get my most creative. So my mind was preoccupied with lots of thoughts on this drive. When we passed exit 290 our normal exit at for Wake Med Soccer Park,  I could feel the pull of the car and my mind but I had to remind myself the Railhawks aren’t at home today. LOL

We arrived at the gym and checked in. Meredith the assistant manager greeted us. She is so friendly. In fact, everyone that works there is so friendly and helpful. Even the trainers even though they work you hard they still like to kid around as well. This time we took a class with Kevin. His class was the first class that we observed and I thought that looked easy boy was I wrong. There were plenty of times when I wanted to quit during the workout but I didn’t, but I did take little breaks. That is what is so awesome about TITLE Boxing; you work at your own pace. This time I had a little photographer on hand to capture the wonderful adventure in working out. Gracie has been battling a cold so we decided to let her just set and watch and be the official photographers. So here is a photo essay of what she captured during our workout. Raul said that it kicked his butt but he is still willing to go back and try again. There were plenty of times I wanted to throw in the towel but I am determined not to. I have decided this is a lifestyle that I need to commit myself too. And I know that I am very out of shape but I am determined to get back into shape. Even on days that I don’t go workout I still managed to get 20 minutes on the exercise bike today. So here are the photos try not to laugh too hard.

fair and boxing 084

Kevin, the trainer showing Raul and Mikaela the moves. Raul wasn’t really going to work out but I talked him into it.

fair and boxing 086

Stretching before the workout. Remember the first 15 minutes of Murder oops I meant warm ups helps to get your heart rate up.

fair and boxing 123
Kevin checking out Raul’s progress. I think Raul was a brown noser LOL. That is one thing that I love about working out here. The trainers have to touch each bag during the workouts. So if they see you need some help they are happy to assist you. As you can see by the next picture.

fair and boxing 160
Kevin can even manage a smile while torturing  helping me.  This was during the last 15 minutes of class. If you remember the set up of the workout is 15 minutes of warm ups, 8 3 minutes rounds of hitting the bag and then 15 minutes with the medicine ball and cool down.  Notice anything wrong with the next picture.

fair and boxing 169
Raul decided to use his medicine ball as a pillow while both Mikaela and I are working out.

All and all we had a awesome time working out as a family. Raul decided that is well worth the time to do something as a family even though he might not take advantage it as much as we do. Remember your first shot or class is free so come out and join the fun. I will have to say that even though Kevin  and Nate are tough they are also compassionate allowing you to work at your own pace. I had to stop several times because I was getting over heated but a cool cloth to the back of the neck and I was ready to go on. Our next trip if everything goes right will be Thursday and Friday during the day because the girls are out of school  for teacher’s workdays.  So let’s see how well we do in the next round. I am not throwing the towel in yet even though my abs and legs are so sore. LOL

So tell me are you ready for your first shot??? Come join me and lots have some fun getting in shape.

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  1. That actually looks really fun to me! I’d love to workout with you! I need to work out but our closest gym is an hour away and I just can’t reason out the gas money for it.

  2. Getting in the routine and getting your muscles used to stretching in ways they aren’t used to is the hardest part. I workout for months at a time if I skip a few days or week it is so hard to get back into the routine.

  3. I’ve never done that type of workout before, but I’ve heard it can be really intense and works a lot of muscles. He’s funny using the medicine ball as a pillow. I’m sure that’s something I would do too. LOL. Great post.

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