GP: Frugal Nights with The Girls



If you’re looking for ways to save money but don’t want to forfeit your social life, then help is here! Having your friends round for a girly night in is one of the most fun ways to spend an evening, and it’s cheap as chips too! As busy parents, sometimes we need a little bit of adult company, so making time for a girls’ night in once a month is really important. If you alternate whose house the night is hosted at every time, you’ll only need to pack the kids and hubby off elsewhere once every few months, so it’s a pretty reasonable request!

So, how to make sure your girly night in goes off with a bang in all the right ways? You might think that plenty of Pinot and a whole load of pizza are the key ingredients to a fun night in, and you’d be right! But there’s more to it than that if you want to make sure your girly night goes down in history. You need some fun activities and games to keep the evening buzzing and lively. Think outside the box; what about karaoke games, home-made pampering treatments or something completely off the wall like

Whatever you decide to do, having a bit of a theme or activity is one way to ensure that the conversation won’t dry up and everyone will have a good time and stay entertained. This is particular important if you’re having a girls’ night in with women who don’t all know one another, which can happen as, with such busy lives, we often try to fit in seeing all our friends in one go.

So, get your thinking hat on and come up with some home-grown entertainment for a great girls’ night in that won’t break the bank!

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