4 Tips for Planning an Intimate Wedding

4 Tips for Planning an Intimate Wedding from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

Y’all, I have been to over twenty weddings in my life, and I’ve enjoyed attending every single one of them. From the emotional ceremonies to the fantastic menus, I always have a ball. However, I have noticed that I tend to have more fun at smaller weddings than I do the larger ones. It seems to me that when things are more intimate, everyone has a better time. Follow these tips for planning an intimate wedding, so you can cherish every moment of your big day.  

Narrow Down the Guest List 

My first of many tips for planning an intimate wedding is to narrow down your guest list. A wedding can’t be personal if there are over 400 people there. Please don’t worry about hurting people’s feelings—your wedding day is the most special day of your life. You shouldn’t worry about offending anyone by not inviting them. Instead, only invite those closest to you and your fiancé. I promise, if you only focus on the people most important to you, your day will be that much more magical. 

Choose an Intimate Venue 

Your wedding venue should match the cozy theme you’re going for. Choose a location that won’t overwhelm a small group of people. It would be strange to rent a massive ballroom for a group of 70 people. Destination weddings are perfect for couples that want to keep things small. There are plenty of beautiful spots that embrace the outdoors, but also have indoor spots to accommodate guests, and the pricing is all-inclusive. There’s no reason you need this giant space for a small group of people. The smaller the area, the more personal the event will be. 

Keep the Schedule Filled 

The only negative thing I’ve experienced at an intimate wedding is awkward lulls. Y’all, there’s nothing worse than sitting at a wedding with nothing to do while the couple takes pictures. At least when a wedding is bigger, you have lots of different people to talk to. So another tip for planning an intimate wedding is to make sure the guests always have something to do. Make sure music is playing during the cocktail hour, so people get in the mood to dance later on. A photo booth or character artist is also a great way to keep people entertained. 

Embrace the Intimacy 

My ultimate piece of advice to couples planning an intimate wedding is to embrace intimacy. I always feel awful when I attend a wedding and notice the bride and groom aren’t enjoying themselves at all. It’s overwhelming to have to greet over 200 people. In fact, most of the couples at these weddings don’t even get a chance to eat their dinner. That’s why, if you’re planning a smaller affair, you should embrace it as much as possible. Talk to every single one of your guests and thank them for coming. Savor the meal you paid for and really cherish the love you have for one another. Plus, intimate weddings are often more emotional than bigger ones as well, so have tissues ready.

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