How I Turned an Old Mattress into a Chaise Cushion

AFM Chaise Cushion

Recently we took an old foam mattress from our bed and repurposed it. At the time that we bought our bedroom suite we could not afford one of those expensive mattress sets. We ended up with a good box spring and a thin foam mattress to place on top. Later on, we replaced the foam  with a better one. I am not one to throw away things, so we just put it between the box spring and the new mattress. But I toss and turn so much during the night that the mattresses would slide. I felt like I was sleeping on a roller coaster. LOL Just recently we took the thin mattress off and put it in our storage shed. One day while we were looking for something I came up with the idea to cut the mattress in half and use them as cushions for the chaises that my husband made out of pallets.

So we cut it in half. Because after all it is foam and foam costs a lot in stores. I tried using fabric to cover the foam but found very quickly that it was going to be very expensive. So the foam sat on the chaises for at least a month until I came up with the idea to use those dreaded fitted sheets.

AFM Chaise 2

I went to Wal-Mart and bought two twin size fitted sheets. They were $4 a piece. I wish they had a better variety to choose from, but at least, I can change them out later when I find something else I like.  Look for another post about how I made pillows coming soon.

AFM Chaise 3

I put the fitted sheets on the foam mattress that we cut in half. And Viola chaise cushions for a relaxing, cozy corner.

AFM Chaise 4

Now onto other projects. Tell me what have you repurposed lately? Share your DIY posts here.

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