An Awesome Night : Railhawks, Hammers, and Bravo Announcement

Last night was an amazing night well until the thunderstorms tried to rain on our parade. After weeks of not feeling the best, we were finally back at my happy place, Wake Med Soccer Park to see my beloved Railhawks take on the West Hammers from the English Premiere League. I will have to admit that as of Monday night I wasn’t sure if I would be going with my family to the game as I was still struggling with health issues.

But when I saw on Neil Morris’s twitter,a local reporter for WRAL, that Omar Bravo of the Mexican League Chivas (which by the way happens to be my husband’s favorite team ever!!) would be announced at halftime as a new member of the Railhawks, I knew that nothing was going to stop us from going to this game.

One of the perks of being season ticket holders  is that included in our season ticket package are any games that are considered extra and the game with West Ham was one of those games.

Our Seats Wake Med

We arrived early, tailgating in the parking lot with free pizzas from Papa John’s that we had scored at one of the previous games. After the gates opened, we went to our normal seats and awaited the players to take the field for warmups.

Teams Warming Up

Of course, while we were waiting, we grabbed our phones and tried to catch some Pokémon on the Pokémon Go App. Sadly we didn’t grab any but it was a fun diversion. I will have to mention that after we picked up the pizza on our way to the stadium, the driver in front of us was playing in traffic. To me, that is totally unsafe.

Wake Med Pokestop

Before the game, we were treated with a flyover and the beautiful singing of the national anthem.


Then onto the game. The Railhawks were the first to score. But before the first half was over the Hammers had scored 2 goals. So going into halftime the score was 2-1 Hammers.

Huge Announcement

Omar Bravo with Owner

Then the time came for the big announcement. Omar Bravo  is indeed joining the Railhawks and in fact played a few minutes last night, sadly we didn’t get to see that, as we were already on our hour drive home when this happened.

Sign over Wake Med Soccer Park

I cannot begin to tell you how big this announcement is. Not only are the Railhawks getting an awesome powerhouse forward. But for a state that has a huge Hispanic population, this is huge. Finally, a player that many have watched on television play is playing right here in their own stadium. I can’t wait to see what the attendance totals will be like now.

Favorite Railhawks Player

That is not to say that he will become my favorite because we all know who my favorite Railhawk is.  😉 But I am sure that he will become a family favorite for sure.

Marriage proposal

Oh did I mention there was also a marriage proposal at halftime as well!

Gracie and Connor

On a side note, I want to send best wishes and a heal quickly message to Connor Tobin. He will be having facial surgery soon. Hope to see you back on the pitch soon Connor, you are still an inspiration to Gracie.

After the second half got underway, that is when the sky opened up and the rains came pouring down. We waited for the rains to subside. After a long wait in the parking lot, we decided to go home. Listening to the rest of the game on the radio. The Railhawks ended up tying the game. The final score was 2-2.

Today I am paying for having all that fun. My head is killing me and total sore throat and hoarseness going on, but it was totally worth it. One because it is the Railhawks, and anytime I get to see them play I am happy. Second, because the chances of us seeing another team from England play would be slim to none. And third, because we can say that we were there when Bravo, was announced as a Railhawk. And fourth what a great start of my birthday celebration.

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  1. Looks like you had a great time! Thanks for sharing and co-hosting #HomeMattersParty

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