Tips For When Your Baby Starts To Crawl


It’s an exciting day when your baby starts to crawl.  Parents have so much anticipation from the day their little darlings come into this world.  The anticipation of milestones, and what their child’s personality will be like.  So when a major events happen like first laughs, sitting up on their own, or crawling, it can be a very exciting day for the whole family.

Crawling especially marks the end of the tiny baby chapter.  Before you know it you’ll be well into the toddler chapter chasing your little one all over.  Being prepared ahead of time is the best way to go about this major change in their mobility.  Rather than learning what to do to avoid problems the hard way, take somebody else’s word for it who has been through it firsthand and can save you the stress.  Here are the first things you should do when your baby is on the go.

Keep Your Floors Clean

Keeping your floor cleaner than ever is a must-do.  It’s no longer a place where only your feet touch.  Your floor has now become somewhere that will be rolled around in, licked, and scooted all around on.

Make sure to vacuum and mop at least twice a week particularly if you wear your shoes in the house.  If you have tiled floors you may want to consider getting your grout cleaned out as these can hold years of bacteria.

Put Everything up High

Your baby is going to start grabbing everything it can reach.  This is not a maybe, this is a 100%, absolutely certain fact.  That means cords, books, small pieces of garbage, dog toys, food, plants, anything that your baby can reach is going straight in their mouth.

Put everything up high so that you don’t have to stress about valuable items getting broken or potentially hazardous items going into your baby’s mouth.

When it comes to safety always go by the motto “better safe than sorry!”

Buy Electrical Outlet Protection

You may think to yourself that your baby will be under your surveillance because what kind of a parent would just let their baby cruise around alone right? Wrong.  More often that not you will find yourself looking away even if only for a second to get a glass of water or grab something in the other direction.

All it takes is a few seconds for your little baby to grab a cord and put it in his or her mouth or shove something into the electrical outlet. Opt for electrical outlet covers as an extra precaution against injury.

Get a Baby Gate

Buy yourself a baby gate and make sure that places like stairwells or dangerous rooms like garages or kitchens are out of bounds. You’ll be so glad you did.

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