A Night of Shopping and Friendship at Halie’s Boutique #trifabb

Have I said lately how much I love blogging? I have always loved it. But when you surround yourself with bloggers whose primary purpose is to help and encourage each other, you can’t help but love it more.


I recently attended a blogger meetup hosted by Trifabb at Halie’s Boutique and Brosway in Cary.


The meetup was put together by the fabulous Molly ( who I have so much in common with, it isn’t even funny) from Still Being Molly  and Lee from Wine & Couture  as part of Trifabb‘s monthly meetups.


This time as my tagalongs I took my two youngest girls. They were great entertainment for the ride. We arrived a few minutes before the meetup and browsed the store. There was an incredible eclectic selection of items.

Halie’s has everything from jewelry, clothing, children’s items, pets, entertaining and even has a section for men. They also have a section for Hobo Wallets.  You might remember that I mentioned them hereAnyone that follows me on Instagram knows how excited I was when I finally was able to own one for myself.

I also loved that a majority of their products are from companies that give back to the community. Don’t you love it when companies have a conscience? I know I do.


Cora, the owner, and her employees came up with a fun scavenger hunt for us to participate in. Each blogger got a sheet with clues, and we had to search the store to find the right answers.


I am glad that I bought Mikaela with me because that girl has an eye for details, which most people don’t have. She knew where each item was by just reading the clues. She remembered from our browsing earlier. We came in second place.


I love that I can go to these amazing events because as a blogger working on a computer all day you sometimes forget you need human interaction as well.

Oh, and did I mention that the swag bags were fabulous. Just look at what we got. I will admit that I stole this picture from my friend, Lee’s Instagram because I totally forgot to take a picture.

haile and brosway swag bags

Thank you Trifabb, Halie’s Boutique and Brosway for a fantastic meetup. You can read about other Trifabb meetups here  and here

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  1. I was so nice to meet you at this event! Woohoo for winning 2nd place! Jess at Just Jess

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