A Fun Night at Kendra Scott With TriFabb Bloggers

trifabb january event

Being a blogger can sometimes be a solitary life, so whenever I have a chance to get out and socialize with other bloggers I jump at it.  So you can imagine how excited I was to attend the January Meet-Up of the TriFabb bloggers- they are bloggers from the triangle area. Although I am not technically from the triangle, they still welcome me with open arms.

My first meet up with this awesome group of women was back last April at the Southern Women’s Show. This time, I decided to take my friend Kathi from Queen Jarrell to go with me. You may remember that she went with me to the preview of Mesa Latin Kitchen back in July.  Kathi and I have known each other for a lot of years, and it always seems that we can pick up right where we left off. And that night was no different.

kendra scott event

We chatted like two old friends do on the drive to the event held at Kendra Scott in Durham. And there were a few minutes that made this trip a wonderful and hilarious adventure. There were a few harrowing moments like trying to find the store, not seeing speed bumps and the threat of winter weather looming didn’t stop us.

kendra scott necklace

This was the first time I had been in a Kendra Scott store and to say that I was in love would be an understatement. I am in lust for lack of better words. Looking through all the beautiful pieces made me feel just like a kid in a candy store. Of course, I couldn’t go home with everything but that didn’t mean that I couldn’t, at least, come home with something.

kendra scott pink necklace

I had my eye on few things as I browsed the store with Kathi. As you can see, she is a lot like me- kid in the candy store.

kendra scott event

But when my eyes laid on this one necklace, I knew that this piece would be coming home with me. Normally I do not buy or wear a lot of jewelry, most of the time I just wear my wedding rings. But this piece spoke to me, in ways that no other piece has spoken before. I have worn it, at least, four times since the event over a week ago, so I will say that it was money well spent. And the fact that it was on the sale rack made it even more of a score.

kendra scott pink necklace

Not only did I enjoy browsing and spending time with my friend, Kathi, I also enjoyed spending time with the others bloggers and meeting a few new faces. I also discovered several new bloggers to follow. But also proceeds from this event were donated to Transforming Hope Ministries, and you know how I love to give back to the community.

kendra scott bloggers

Oh, by the way, did I tell you that mention that the Kendra Scott store is located right next to The Cheesecake Factory. So guess where we ate after the event. But don’t worry I didn’t blow my healthy eating plan, I got this yummy salad.

trifabb event

So tell me what have you done lately to network with friends?

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  1. How fun Melissa-to connect with other bloggers! And your jewelry selection is beautiful 🙂 I agree that blogging can be lonely. I need to look for moms in my area to connect with!

  2. Looks like it was a great night! Thanks for sharing the photos! The jewelry looks gorgeous!

  3. It’s been way too long since I’ve networked (or even seen!) any of my friends. My last chat with a friend happened when we ran into each other at the grocery store. I love those friends that you can just pick up right where you left off.

  4. Looks like a fun night & I just love the necklace you bought! I am going to see if there is a blogging community in my area. I would love that! I’m enjoying co-hosting with you!

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