Being a VIP at Peachy Keen

This past Thursday night, my youngest daughter and I went on an adventure. I was invited to attend a VIP celebration in honor of Peachy Keen, a boutique in Cary turning 4 years old. I love attending events like this because not only am I meeting new people I also get to expose myself and my girls to the better things in life.

Gracie at Peachy Keen

It didn’t take us long to find Peachy Keen, of course, I think that is because it is off the exit that we take to see my beloved Railhawks play. So to say I knew this area well would so be an understatement. But I will admit that I had never been to this particular shopping center before, sometimes it is good to find new and exciting places.

And new and exciting is how I would describe Peachy Keen. It is a little more upscale than where I normally shop but,  I am learning that for quality pieces sometimes you have to pay more. When Gracie and I walked up to the shop I was totally impressed with their window display.

Red Dress Peachy Keen Boutique

I think every female need a little red dress. I also just loved the floral 4. It is that eye to detail and design that made me know instantly that I would love this store. And I wasn’t wrong. Once we walked thru the magic doors, we were taken into a kingdom of high fashion, jewelry, and design. If anything, just looking at the displays would make you think someone in this store has talent. Don’t believe me just see for yourself.

Purse display at Peachy Keen

Look at how they displayed their purses. Who would have thought to use a mannequin?

shoe display at Peachy Keen

And the shoe display!! I will admit that the gray pair of booties almost went home with me, but alas they didn’t have my size. I did, however, try on another pair which I thought would be fated as well to go home with me but my foot was too wide for the shoe.

Melissa shoe Peachy Keen

I mean what a great name!!! I also loved how they displayed their soaps in a pedestal sink.

Peachy Keen Soaps

Gracie spent a lot of time at this particular display. As you can tell by the pictures.

Peachy Keen Soap Display

We did find a few things for Gracie to try on. I, however, am holding out until I get paid to buy a HOBO Wallet. Read further about that. But first Gracie’s modeling session, as we walking around a sales clerk noticed we were holding several items in our hands and asked if she would like her to start a dressing room for us. We said sure. When we were ready to try on the items, this is what we were greeted with when we walked into the dressing room.

Peachy Keen Dressing Room

Doesn’t it look like something out of photo shoot? Love how they do this. Now onto Gracie’s modeling. Gracie I will have to say has a very unique style.

Gracie Modeling Peachy Keen Clothes

We did go home with two shirts, the gray one,  and the maroon one. I couldn’t talk her into the dress.

Blogger event at Peachy Keen

I also loved how they made all the bloggers feel welcome. I even got to see Alex Butler, who may remember was a judge for the frugal cookoff I was in.

Alex and I at Peachy Keen

I can’t wait to attend more events here so I can get my coveted HOBO bag.  I have been wanting one of these since I saw my friend, Courtney’s bag. And I will get one soon.

Hobo Bag

Speaking of going back, Peachy Keen has a lot of upcoming events you should check out.

Upcoming events Peachy Keen

  • Joint Venture Jewelry’s 18th Anniversary Winesday Party August 17 from 5-8 p.m. at Joint Venture Jewelry Mark your calendar for Wednesday, August 17 from 5 to 8 p.m. to come sip wine and sparkle! There will be a special wine tasting with Raleigh Wine Shop in addition to storewide sales and exclusive offers. To find out more check out their website
  • Peachy Keen’s 4th Birthday Party August 27 from noon to 4 p.m. at Peachy Keen You are invited to come celebrate the milestone with fabulous sales, a tasty food truck and trendy trunk shows including Paige Denim! Make plans to come by Saturday, August 27 from noon to 4 p.m. Sangria and shopping? Yes, please! For more information, visit their website.  
  • Peachy Wears Hope Fall Fashion Show  September 29 starting at 7 p.m. at Peachy Keen Shop for a cause at Peachy Keen. Make plans to attend the Peachy Wears Hope Fall Fashion Show Thursday, September 29. Cocktail hour starts at 7 p.m. with live music, a braid bar,  and tasty food All benefits go toward Headbands of Hope and Duke Children’s Hospital. Peachy Keen is located at 250 Grande Heights in Cary. 






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  1. Peachy Keen looks like a fun place to shop! So glad you and your daughter had a good time together. Happy to be co-hosting the #HomeMattersParty this week!

  2. Looks like fun! Can’t wait until my daughters are old enough to enjoy shopping with me. Thanks for all you do as a host of #HomeMattersParty

  3. Such a great event to share with your daughter! I loved the gray booties! I hope you get your Hobo bag soon-so cute! Love hosting #HomeMattersParty with you!

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