A Great Way to Treat Osteoarthritis

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To many people, osteoarthritis is nothing more than a disease affecting joints within a body. But, people suffering from this condition have much different perspective. Even though this illness is not life threatening, it can have a big impact on patient’s life. Lack of proper cure makes osteoarthritis that much worse.

Osteoarthritis is a degenerative condition. It can affect any joint within a body but it usually affects hands, hips and knees. Physical therapy is the recommended procedure for this issue, while knee and hip osteoarthritis can also be treated with drugs such as Monovisc. Unfortunately, the disease is quite unpredictable and often, there is very little we can do to control it.

When a person suffers from this condition, he or she slowly starts losing cartilage tissue. Without it, bones remain naked, rubbing each other. This is quite an unusual situation for the body and it signals the change by creating inflammation around affected joint. With it, pain and swelling come. In time, through friction, bones will start destroying each other. In time, joint will lose its function. Patient will soon be unable to move his joints and in the end, he may completely lose mobility.

Like any other disease, diagnosis is the first part of the treatment. However, it is very hard to establish whether the person is suffering from this condition. At the beginning, symptoms are barely noticeable. Occasionally, joint pain may appear but it usually goes away quickly. This is why most people disregard it. If the patient starts suffering from extreme pain and inflammation, it is already too late. In most cases, osteoarthritis is diagnosed during some routine control or while diagnosing some other condition. Whatever may be the case, as soon as patient realizes that he has osteoarthritis, it is necessary to perform adequate steps in order to control the disease. Have in mind that this is a degenerative condition and that the lost cells are lost permanently. Because of this, prompt reaction is a must.

If the patient is smoking or drinking, has bad diet or has increased body mass; his current condition may only deteriorate. Treatment of osteoarthritis is based on healthy life and healthy habits. By protecting your organism and introducing vitamins and calcium, patient is able to reduce loss of cellular structure. By eating vitamin and mineral rich food, patient is able to supplement substances and improve joint integrity.

Most doctors recommend physical therapy for this condition. But, use of drugs is also important. By purchasing Monovisc from Doctor Medica, patient is able to eliminate symptoms such as pain and swelling and provide his knee and hip joints with a necessary protection. This medicine is based on hyaluronic acid which is created from good bacteria. By using organic matters, patient ensures effectiveness of the treatments. Components used for Monovisc are similar to substances present within human body. This will reduce potential side effects and allow organism to absorb it after a while. Although drug rarely causes any side effects, needle irritation is possible.

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