Everything You Need For Your Home

houseIn 2008, we bought our first home. Before that we had always lived in a house that was considered part of my husband’s salary, but when his boss split from his wife the land that we were living on went to her, so we moved. I was so excited because we had always lived in someone else’s home and not being real home owners. But we were able to buy a brand new house; yes we are the first ones to live here. But there were so many decisions in purchasing the new home right down to carpet and colors that I felt overwhelmed with the whole process. So here are a few tips for home owners. Start slow when you are purchasing items. I found I had a whole lot of stuff that I just wasted my money on because I really did not need it. Here is a list of basic items that you will need listed by room:

  • Kitchen- a good set of pots and pans, silverware, plate set and glasses, crockpot and a blender. The other items you can buy as you see a need.
  • Living room- places to sit and a television. You can always add end tables and other items later.
  • Dining room- A good dining set. We have had ours for 15 years now and it is good shape. Tip for saving on this item try buying at a furniture store that sells seconds big discounts will apply.
  • Bathroom – a good set of towels and a bath mat. You can add more towels as you see fit.
  • Bedrooms- A good comforter set and curtains and pillows.


Having these basic items will allow you a little less stress when decorating your new home.

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  1. Buying a house is always so exciting. We are renters again and I can’t wait until I can decorate something of my own again!

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