How Women can Propel Supply Chain Management to Greater Height

How Women can Propel Supply Chain Management to Greater Heights from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

Supply Chain Management is widely considered to be an integral aspect of business development and economic growth. Through it, businesses have made substantial progress by providing exceptional products and services tailored to meet consumers’ needs and preferences. By maximizing value, companies retain a competitive advantage to meet set goals and objectives and thrive within the specific industry. As the name suggests, it refers to an intricate process consisting of product development, sourcing, large-scale production, logistical initiatives and groundbreaking communication services designed to ensure the seamless coordination of said activities.

Overview of Supply Chain Management

At its core, supply chain management aims at addressing two crucial ideas:
• Before any product can reach the end user, it must encompass the sustainable efforts of a multitude of enterprises with finesse. Such institutions jointly serve as the supply chain.
• While supply chains have been existence for decades, few companies successfully managed to harness the benefits of the entire flow of activities. As such, sustaining substantial losses became a norm. To rectify this predicament, companies had to adopt a hands-on approach by taking charge of the entire chain of activities and ensuring efficacy at all levels. 
Here’s a breakdown of a typical supply chain at its finest: 

As the sole providers of raw materials and semi-finished products, suppliers play an integral role in strengthening a supply chain’s foundation. 
As the epitome of the supply chain, manufacturers are uniquely tasked with developing the final products. In most cases, both manufacturers and suppliers have a direct link in the production of specified goods. 
Serving as the link between manufacturers and retailers, distributors are tasked with the transportation and storage of products in warehouses before delivery to retail outlets. 
Retailers play an integral role by serving as the intermediate between consumers and suppliers. In essence, they purchase and resell the product. 
Consumers are the final beneficiaries of the newly developed product. 

While this breakdown primarily focuses on the essential components, you might want to alternative players that also play a significant role in the supply process. They include subcontracting firms, information-based service providers and financial entities each with a significant role to play to ensure seamless service delivery.

Women in Supply Chain Management

Female Trailblazers are widely credited for playing an integral role in supply chain management. Their unique skill set, quite different from men’s, brings a fresh perspective and execution in this highly demanding industry. 

A case in point is Dhivya Suryadevara, a creative and highly ambitious entrepreneur recently appointed as General Motors’ newest Chief Financial Officer. As a Harvard graduate with an MBA, the 39-year old brings on board seasoned expertise and tons of experience to an elite team consisting of 11 directors. Through her appointment, General Motors has exuded confidence in her high-quality services and professional workmanship. 


In a nutshell, it’s irrefutably clear that supply chain management is the life-blood of any successful economy. Through it, employment opportunities and efficient service delivery serve as the pinnacle pillars of success. More importantly is the presence of women in leadership positions in this sector. Their presence is crucial in bringing on board creative ideas to propel the sector to greater heights. 

How Women can Propel Supply Chain Management to Greater Heights from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

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