Connecting with Your Kids: Activities that Will Help You Connect with Your Kids

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With the world becoming more and more fast-paced and demanding, parents can discover that they are struggling to find the time and methods to successfully connect with their children. As children grow older, they are constantly changing, and if parents don’t find ways to stay connected with them, they can easily lose touch with their children. With most households in American either being single-parent households or households in which both parents have to work, children can easily be left to their own vices, attempting to find their way through life on their own. Fortunately, there are some simple, and highly effective, ways that parents can connect with their kids.

Create Strong Boundaries Between Work and Home

Because of the professional demands of today’s workforce, many people allow their careers to flow over into their homes, affecting the relationships in those homes. While it is likely that a spouse will have similar demands on them, allowing them to relate to the intrusions, a child will not likely be able to relate to the interruptions. It is easy for a child to interpret constant interruptions from work as the parent feeling that their job is more important than their child.

It is important for parents to establish boundaries with their employers that define what can be expected of them once they leave the office. They should avoid work-related phone calls and messages once they are home.

Be Careful in Choosing the Right Caregivers

It is important for parents to ensure that the caregivers that will be responsible for their child when they are not around are providing a safe and caring environment. The caregiver’s values and expectations for their child should be extremely similar to the values and expectations of the parent. One way that children can disconnect from parents is by being around caregivers that provide alternative paradigms, creating conflicting behavior that can be difficult to curtail.

Commit to Spending Time

There is simply no substitute for a parent spending time with a child. The time that a parent spends with a child does not have to be filled with complex or extravagant activity. Something as simple as playing a favorite board game for an hour can be huge. Additionally, playing board games can also be a way to improve a child’s IQ. Parents who are interested in learning more about how to use board games to connect with their child can visit

Build Traditions

Developing certain shared rituals, such as reading together, or having the child set the table while the parent prepares the food for dinner, helps to build traditions that can be passed down from generation to generation, creating a built-in mechanism for remaining connected.

Each of the aforementioned tips can help to create a safe and effective way for parents to remain connected to their children, but the most important element that is necessary to stay connected to anyone is keeping an open line of communication. Without communication, it is impossible to connect with a child.

Victoria Wallis is a Mom of 2 kids, a boy aged 4 and a girl aged 7. She loves spending quality time with them as a family and often writes on the topic of parenting for various blogs.

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