5 Vegetables You Should Grow With Your Kids

5 Vegetables You Should Grow With Your Kids

Encouraging my kids to eat their vegetables wasn’t always easy, y’all. Kids go through phases, and it can be difficult to get them to like the same foods at the same time. To get your children more involved with their food choices and motivated to eat vegetables, you might want to consider planting a garden with them. Here are five vegetables you should grow with your kids to introduce them to gardening and the wonders of fresh produce.

Grow Green Beans

Green beans are one of the easiest vegetables to grow in the ground or in a pot. Kids love them because they grow quickly. I’ve found them in many varieties, y’all, and they are all resistant to weather and simple to plant. Additionally, green beans are easy for kids to pick because the plants are close to the ground.

Plant Carrots

I think kids like to grow carrots more than they like eating them, y’all. Still, your kids are more likely to engage with the meals you prepare with carrots if they helped you grow them. Kids like to watch carrots grow and have even more fun harvesting them because it’s a surprise to find out how big each carrot grew underground. Y’all can grow carrots in a pot or in the ground. If you grow them in the ground, you’ll need to know how to build a welded wire fence to keep rabbits out.

Pick Cherry Tomatoes

Kids love the instant gratification that comes with growing cherry tomatoes. Since they grow fast, they keep kids engaged in both the garden and the vegetable. You can grow tomatoes indoors or outdoors; they mostly just need lots of sun, water, and nutrients.

Farm Pumpkins

I find pumpkins so magical, y’all, and you know kids do too. You can plant them in your yard and bet on which one will grow the largest. As it gets closer to autumn, your kids will check the pumpkin patch every day to see which gourd is the grandest. Additionally, you can grow different types of pumpkins; some are better for carving, and some are better for turning into pies.

Sow Potatoes

Kids love eating french fries and tater tots, so why not teach them how to grow potatoes. Y’all won’t believe how much fun kids have digging up potatoes until you see it for yourself. It’s like a treasure hunt as they search for spuds in the dirt. You can plant potatoes from seeds or any unused part of a potato that includes an eye.

Getting kids to eat their vegetables can be a challenge. If I had to do it over again, y’all, I would try to engage my young ones with the entire process. Growing your own food not only teaches you where it comes from but can also save you money. Start with these five vegetables you should grow with your kids to get the whole family eating smarter and healthier.

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