3 Odd but Awesome Pets for a Young Family

3 Odd but Awesome Pets for a Young Family

If y’all are anything like me, you’ve successfully raised a family full of animal lovers. From scaly to fuzzy—and everything in between—all animals have something to admire. Unfortunately, not all captivating creatures make great pets for your family, especially when you have young children. The perfect pet has to fit your family’s needs. This means your critter needs to be both safe and friendly. At the same time, you need to make sure you can meet your pet’s unique requirements so that it can enjoy a happy, healthy life in your home. With these requirements in mind, you’re ready to choose an exciting and unique pet to expand your family’s horizons. Which of these odd but awesome pets for a young family will become the newest member of your household?

Bearded Dragons

What child doesn’t want to tell their friends that they own a dragon? Even as adults, y’all have to admit that that’s an awesome bragging right. Bearded dragons are some of the best lizards to keep as pets. They have a friendly, docile temperament that makes them perfect for even young kids. Like all reptiles, they need a heat lamp, humidity control, and other equipment to keep their tanks comfortable. However, their social demeanor and trainability make them a joy to have around.


When y’all think of chickens, do you think of pets or livestock? The truth is that chickens can be both! Keeping chickens is an incredible experience for the whole family. You can still collect eggs and even make a profit from your flock if you want, but don’t underestimate these birds’ value as pets. Chickens are incredibly clever creatures. They show empathy, curiosity, and tons of personality. Did you know that chickens can even dream? Best of all, chickens are a relatively low-maintenance farm animal, making them perfect pets to help younger children learn chores and responsibility.


Ferrets are small creatures with massive personalities, making them some of the most beloved odd but awesome pets for a young family. This friendly and playful pet can provide hours of entertainment and invaluable companionship for every member of the family. Ferrets are active, social creatures, so it’s best to get more than one. Even with multiple ferrets, though, you still need to put in the time to play with and care for these little guys. If you can commit the time, though, these critters are a cuddly and lovable addition to the family.

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