The Most Innovative Ways To Use Compost

The Most Innovative Ways To Use Compost

One of the benefits of composting is giving back to the environment. Whether you enjoy gardening or not, you will often find yourself with bags or even barrels full of compost that you aren’t sure what to do with. Below, I have listed the most innovative ways to use compost for y’all.

Use Compost With Your Garden

With summer coming up, I know y’all are debating whether to garden this year. I firmly believe that composting will change the way you garden every day. Whether you have your heart set on creating a flower bed or a vegetable garden, using compost with your garden will not only reduce waste, but it will help your plants grow into full bloom and make your soil rich with nutrients.

What you need to do is lay an inch of compost evenly over the top of the garden bed. Keep doing this to help nurture the growth of your plants. With a vegetable garden, it’s essential to till the soil at the end of the summer, then repeat the process the following year.

Make Compost Tea

Have y’all ever had black gold tea? It’s not a tea made from gold; it’s compost. It won’t be tasty to us, but to your plants, it’s a steak dinner. Compost tea is made from well or rainwater that has been mixed in with your compost. To kill harmful bacteria, you can use chlorine. Compost tea is a natural fertilizer that will help sustain the nutrients and promote growth for your plants and herbs. We have struck gold with this one, y’all.

Use It as Mulch

Mulch is prickly and can be a nuisance. However, I stand firm in knowing that the best kind of mulch comes from compost. Even though we like tending to the garden, we need to focus on the rest of the yard. When using compost as mulch, you can layer it around flower beds and near your crop lines. Compost will dry out, so use leaves to help keep in any moisture.

Use It Around Trees

Compost is a unique, effective, and green way to help improve your yard and make your garden the best it can be. Another way to use your compost is to place it around the base of your trees if you have any, and down to the drip line, where the outermost leaves are. By doing this, you will help keep weeds away and have full, healthy trees.

Donate the Compost

Another of the most innovative ways to use compost is to donate it. If you’re tired of having it just sit around, you could donate it to a local garden center. If you live near a church, encourage them to open a community garden to provide fresh crops for everyone.

Composting is a green way of improving the environment around you. Following these steps will help you learn more about your yard and how to effectively sustain its nutrient balance and the flowers, vegetables, and herbs that grow from it.

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