Ways To Decorate for Fall Without Wasting Pumpkins

Ways To Decorate for Fall Without Wasting Pumpkins

Hey there, y’all, fall is coming! Speaking of hay, those bales make nice pedestals for outdoor decorations. But I confess, I prefer my pumpkins pureed into pies, folded into muffins, and blended into tea loves. Carving and scooping out the glop? Not so much. Plus, what happens to jack-o-lanterns, anyway? The neighborhood kids smash them into a slippery mess all over your front walk. Here I’ll offer up some ways to decorate for fall without wasting pumpkins.

Use Other Natural, Compostable Items

If you’re lucky enough to live near trees that provide a gorgeous display of fall colors, gather some of those beautiful fall leaves into “leaf bouquets.” Get a little crafty and use a warm iron to press your most beautiful leaves between two sheets of wax paper. Use a towel to shield the paper from the iron while transmitting the heat. When you’ve done both sides, let the paper cool.

Cut out the leaves to scatter on your dining table, or use a needle and yarn to string them together carefully. You can also get a wreath frame at your local craft store and glue the leaves to the frame to make a colorful wreath for your front door. Add a few acorns for additional texture and some cinnamon sticks for a lovely fragrance.

Use Garden Flags

Instead of cluttering your front porch with a pile of pumpkins, why not invest in some seasonal, washable, reusable garden flags? There are many available, and you can display garden flags creatively along your driveway, in garden beds, or even as window coverings. Use them along your front walk or hanging from your front porch railings. They don’t create a mess and are sustainable.

Mums the Word

Y’all know I love some pots of fall mums on the deck. Why not put them on the front porch in decorative planters or plant them in the front garden beds? When they go by, they’ll decompose into the earth, nourishing next spring’s bulbs and summer flowers.

These are just a few ideas for fall decorations without pumpkins. But if you’re a pumpkin devotee, go for it. Just try to keep them unsmashed long enough to add them to the compost!

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