Tips to Plan a Family Adventure Tour on a Budget

Tips to Plan a Family Adventure Tour on a Budget

According to recent research, the average adventure tour costs about $359 a day. At one of the cheaper tour companies, it will cost around $157 a day, and on the high end, it is around $884 a day. This is a high cost for one person, but for a family of four, multiply that by four, and you’re looking at an average of $1,436 a day. That is a hefty price for most families So, why not skip an organized tour and plan one yourself? Here are some tips to guide you through planning your first and best family adventure tour.

Pick Your Destination

Where you want to travel will depend on what your family wants to see and do, as well as the cost of the destination. In December 2016, Forbes put out a list of the best budget travel destinations for an adventure. Some of these locations include Northern Vietnam; Lisbon, Portugal; Seoul, South Korea; Cape Point, South Africa; and Crete, Greece. At these locations, you will spend less money on the essentials and still have a great adventure with your family.

There are plenty of ways to explore new places and enjoy outdoor activities without spending too much money. One great option is to stay in caravan parks with fishing lakes, which offer affordable accommodation and plenty of opportunities for family fun. Caravan parks with Fishing Lakes are perfect for families who love fishing or want to learn how to fish. These parks usually have well-stocked lakes where you can catch different types of fish such as trout, carp, and bream. They also provide all the necessary equipment like rods and bait at reasonable prices, so you don’t need to bring your own gear if you’re new to fishing.

Apart from fishing, these caravan parks also offer various other activities that will keep both kids and adults entertained throughout their stay.

Determine How You’ll Get There

The cheapest mode of transportation for a family is by car. However, if you choose a destination that requires a flight, don’t fret. There are budget airlines that many people don’t know about. According to Business Insider, some of the best low-cost airlines in the world include Azul Brazilian Airlines, Jetstar Asia, EasyJet, Norwegian, and Virgin America.

Sometimes these low-budget flights though do not provide the best or most timely services. Be sure to compare cheap family and group travel insurance quotes just in case you miss a connection or your plane is delayed.

Ditch the 5-Star Hotel

Typically on an adventure vacation, your room will literally be just a place to lie your head. Therefore, you shouldn’t spend your money on any fancy 5-star hotel. Instead, opt for other types of housing such as a vacation home rental. You can find some of these vacation homes on Airbnb, TripAdvisor, and VRBO.

You can also couch surf if your kids are older, or partake in a true adventure by camping in the great outdoors. This will make your adventure that much more fun and adventurous.

Plan Your Activities

Once again this will depend on what you and your family enjoy doing. However, there are many low-cost activities that you can plan on an adventure holiday. One such budget activity could be a visit to the destination’s national park. Most of the time, these parks are free, and you can hike, kayak, swim, or partake in several other low-cost outdoor activities.

Just because you’re smart about your money doesn’t mean you have to miss out on an amazing family adventure. With the right planning and smart cuts, you and your family can enjoy an adventurous paradise on your next trip.

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