3 Tips for Handling Kid’s Health and Hygiene

3 Tips for Handling Kid’s Health and Hygiene by North Carolina Mom Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

An important part of having healthy kids is knowing how to take care of them when they need help with their health or hygiene. However, handling these situations can be frustrating, or downright annoying. So whether you’re not sure how to handle cleaning your child’s ears or you need tricks for getting certain things done for your child, here are three tips for handling kid’s health and hygiene.

Clipping Fingernails

From tiny babies to large children, every child needs to have their fingernails clipped on a regular basis. If fingernails are allowed to grow too long, children could harm themselves or others. Especially for smaller children, help with this form of hygiene is crucial. However, getting your child to sit still so you can cut their fingernails can be very difficult. To help with this, WhatToExpect.com recommends trying to make a game of it. Consider pretending that your child’s fingers are little people who need their hair cut. When you’ve finished with one, give it a kiss before moving on to the other fingers. And if you can’t get all ten done in one sitting, just try to get them whenever you can.

Checking For A Fever

If you suspect that your child has a fever, getting an accurate temperature reading can be a challenge. Depending on how old your child is, the way in which you choose to take their temperature will vary. And while KidsHealth.org recommends using a digital thermometer for the best readings, if you can’t get your child to hold still long enough for this type of reading, you can use an ear, forehead, or pacifier thermometer. Although these types of thermometers aren’t as accurate, they’ll still help you know if you should be worried about a fever.

Taking Medicine

When your child gets sick and requires medicine to get better, getting that medicine into your child can be hard to do. Depending on the type of medicine they’re supposed to take, the tips and tricks for getting the medicine to go down easy will vary. However, there are a few common themes regarding the best ways to convince your kid to take their medicine. According to Katie McDonald Neitz, a contributor to Parents.com, there are a few ways you can bypass your child’s taste buds in order to help them overlook the flavor of some medicines. One way to do this is to use a dropper and either squirt the medicine against the back of their cheek or by putting the dropper near the back of their mouth and having them suck the medicine out. By skipping over the tongue, the medicine won’t touch the taste buds.

If you’re looking for a way to make some of your child’s health and hygiene tasks easier, consider using the tips above next time you’re in the situation.

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