Busy Moms: Here Are 3 Ways To Always Enjoy A Hot Cup Of Coffee

There is no question that modern moms are busy. Recent statistics show that 72% of women with children over the age of one work outside the home. These women also complete a daily average of 2.2 hours of household chores. That leaves (at best) approximately 13.8 hours in the day for everything else, including commute time, running to and from school, eating, sleeping, and the rest! It’s no surprise that moms struggle to enjoy a cup of coffee during the day.

If your busy schedule has you longing for a fresh, hot cup of coffee in the morning, there are a few strategies you can use to make this happen.

Coffee is one of the most popular beverages in the world and can be traced back to Ethiopia. It is typically made from coffee beans that are roasted and then ground. The coffee beans are the seeds of coffee cherries that grow on trees.

There are many different types of coffee, but one of the most popular is a single origin coffee. This type of coffee is made from beans that come from a single country. They have a unique flavor that is influenced by the climate, soil, and processing methods of the country where they were grown.

They are often more expensive than other types of coffee because they are rare. However, many coffee lovers believe they are worth the extra cost because of their unique flavor.

Check out these three tips aimed at helping you enjoy that much-needed cup of coffee.

Select A Quality Mug

Leaving coffee out in the open in a standard mug is a recipe for a cold cup of coffee. If you want your coffee to stay warm for more than 10 minutes, it pays to invest in a mug that can handle the job. Look for a well-insulated mug that has a lid. Consider using a travel mug instead of a standard coffee cup since many brands will keep your coffee warm for hours.

Busy Moms: Here Are 3 Ways To Always Enjoy A Hot Cup Of Coffee

Make “Coffee Time” Part Of Your Routine

With some days being more chaotic than others, you may need to carve out a part of your morning to enjoy a cup of coffee intentionally. You can achieve this either by waking up early or eliminating any unnecessary tasks that take up your valuable time. While this won’t always be a realistic option, it can be a solution for many busy moms.

Choose Your Coffee Maker Carefully

Not all coffee makers are built the same! The latest coffee makers are designed to do it all: brew automatically and quicker than ever before, and keep coffee hotter for longer. If you are in search of a hot and fresh cup of coffee every morning, upgrading your coffee maker might be the answer.

Why Your Coffee Should Matter

During the day (and night!), you give so much of your time, energy, and love to those around you. Taking time for a cup is a way of showing that same care to yourself! Additionally, recent studies show that coffee is beneficial to your health. Drink up and enjoy that cup of fresh, hot, and energizing coffee!

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