4 Ways To Beat Looking Tired With a Newborn

4 Ways To Beat Looking Tired With a Newborn from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

When it comes to having a new baby it can get pretty exhausting quickly. Even though you may have been anxious to finally meet your new baby, you quickly realize that being able to sleep for stretches longer than 3 hours was once a luxury which is in the distant past.

As the sleepless nights start to wear you out, it can start to be a challenge to make yourself look like you didn’t just roll out of bed.  Although this is part of the process of being a new parent and a natural state of exhaustion for most people in this situation, there are ways to try to look a little less exhausted when you’re in a pinch.  Here are some of the best ways.

Never Underestimate The Power of a Shower

Even though you may not necessarily have time to go to the salon every morning, or style your hair perfectly, you can still give yourself a quick refresh.

Taking a shower will often wake you up and give you a quick refresh like none other. You’ll feel better and more energized rather than dragging your feet around feeling dirty. 

Even though the baby may protest about being put down, consider it a little luxury for yourself and ask your partner or a family member to take care of the baby for 20 minutes while you take a shower.

Under Eye Concealer

One of the most telling ways that someone hasn’t had any sleep are the dark circles under their eyes.  Most new parents have big circles the size of pepperonis from waking up all night.

If you have to run out of the house, or meet up with someone and don’t want to look like a zombie, reach for that concealer.

Applying a light concealer under your eyes in what makeup artists refer to as “the triangle of light” will give your face the illusion of brighter under eyes.  You won’t only look less tired, but you’ll also look younger.


You might want to put a coffee pot on your baby registry list.  The biggest one that you can find.  Coffee is going to be your best friend for the first 6 months to a year of your baby’s life.

If you weren’t a coffee drinker before, then you may want to consider converting.  It will be one of your biggest lifesavers after sleeping only 3 hours a night.

A Splash Of Color

Throwing on a shirt or accessory with a bright color will make you look more alive.  This little splash of zest will energize you and give others the impression of you feeling just a little less asleep.

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