Host the Best Tea Party for Your Mom to Celebrate Mother’s Day

One of the best persons in your life is your mom and she is a friend, philosopher, and guide all through your life. Before mother’s day, you would come across various emotional or sentimental ad campaigns in social media platforms and many gift ideas may pop up in your head. I have some similar gift idea in my mind regarding the same occasion and my theme is Tea. And believe me, like most of the Indians, she has some special fascination with the cup(s) or mug(s) of tea or Chai in our tone. Here are those irresistible mother’s day special gift ideas keeping a tea tray in between.


mother daughter tea party

All you need to have is an open space inside or outside your house for a lovely tête-à-tête session with you mom. Balcony, terrace, lawn, or garden areas can be decorated with some amazing stuff so that your mom gets a satisfying experience here.

tea party

Table centerpiece: Get a lovely china clay or terracotta or ceramic vase or vessel to hold the handpicked fresh flowers from your garden or to grace the floral bouquets bought from outside. Some charming rose, tulips, orchids, or carnations would give a nice aroma to your party. Get the shades of pink or peach as your flower color.

Lay down the table: The simplistic tea table must have the light pastel shade of table cloths of plain sky blue or peach color with some floral printed napkins. Lay down the table and chairs under a shady tree and hang a small chandelier from a branch of that tree to add a zing to your tea party. Also, place some nice branches of lilacs and ivy to pep up the mood. Keep the silver teaspoons in place and bring out the antique tea set you have.

Vintage teacups: Now this is the most important idea! You may get a new set of those thin or fine or delicate tea cups with bright or light floral prints in them. You could actually smell a melancholic vintage era through these cups and this would bring in joy in mom’s eyes for sure. These are those same tea cups whose stories may have fancied you in childhood.

Antique teaspoons: Silver or copper or gold – the choice is totally yours! Teaspoons bring in quite a luxury in your tea session. The intensity of the moment is build up with teaspoons, the silence (if any) is broken with a teaspoon, a certain way of stirring with teaspoon may also bring back memories of old times and people. Make teaspoons the center of attraction of your tea table by bringing the designer and glossy ones.

Tea quality or flavor: As the party is a tea party, so make sure you have enough tea to sustain your guest(s). The quality has to be a fine one while you can also bring in as many flavors as you please. Tulsi, lemon, ginger, honey, thyme, jasmine, rose, etc. are some of the flavored tea types that are easily available. With tea, there would be many windows of heart to open both for your mom and you, so it is suggested to keep a box full of tea bags of many flavors because you would need it more!

Hope you have loved these tea gifts for mother’s day and started planning for that occasion.

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