Workout Routine While Recovering From an Injury

Today I am happy to have Max McGee, who is the General Manager at Title Boxing Cary guest posting for me. He knows a little about coming back from an injury as he broke his leg in three places during the winter. He had been so gracious to agree to write a post about how to fit workouts into your routines. This is also a two part post as well so check back tomorrow for the final round.

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When Melissa asked me to write this article I didn’t really know where to start. After talking to her a bit she was looking for two things. How to work out when recovering from an injury and what makes TITLE Boxing in Cary different. To me, recovering from an injury or just starting a new workout routine need some of the same things; fun, motivation, and the ability to see progress quickly. When trying to describe that I found myself relating back to TITLE and how we do it! When reading this focus on the message of what will help you with recovery or starting your new workout and use my TITLE plugs as examples that might help you find what you are looking for!

When coming back from an injury or even just trying to get back into exercising one of the hardest parts is finding something that you can do or feel comfortable doing. It is impossible for anyone to make progress or see results if you are not able to put in your full effort because you are distracted or self conscience. Here at TITLE Boxing Club in Cary we focus on being able to enhance that experience and make the road to recovery, or to that fitness goal, obtainable. We have created a workout that is engaging and motivating, while at the same time allows you to work at your own pace and see results quickly. Any obstacles can be overcome with a little help!

When coming back from an injury it is important to find a workout that is motivating. The rehab process is not fun and extremely slow. If you are able to find something that is a little more engaging then you will feel motivated to work out. Here at TITLE we not only know your name, but we know your reason for being here. We want to know why you are here so we can help you reach your goal…if you have trouble holding yourself accountable, don’t worry we will! This philosophy runs through all our members. This workout is in a group setting, and our members are addicted, so when you set up on the bag next to them and you are new…they want to know you name and will help you out throughout class because they remember their first time. Sometimes coming off an injury you need the mental push and comfort before you can start the work and an atmosphere like TITLE has is something that helps your mental psyche before we even get to the physical part.

Tune into tomorrow for the final round.

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Max McGee is the GM of Title Boxing Cary.  The Cary location is the first  of seven TITLE Boxing Clubs in the Raleigh/Cary/Greenville areas of North Carolina over the next three years. He is a graduate of UNC- Chapel Hill and has spent time working for the Carolina Railhawks as well as the Orlando Magic.

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  1. I do some MMA training and I imagine that it was tough to get back, especially after a major injury. We have had people get hurt in our class (like broken bones) and they had to get back into it slowly.

  2. I recently had 3 major surgeries so I know working out after injury can be brutal. You just need to take it slow and follow your own pace. I’ve never heard of TITLE before now but sounds like they know what they’re doing.

  3. I would also add to keep moving; becoming stationary after being so active can hurt you too.

  4. Becareful with yourself, it sounds like you know what to do but you can never be to sure, you want to make sure you get well. Here’s wishing you a speedy recovery so you can hit the workouts even harder blogging buddy!

  5. I’ll bet the hardest part for me would be worrying about re-injuring the area. I’d be so afraid to push it. It sounds like TITLE has great tips on easing back in.

  6. How we handle the aftermath of an injury can make such a huge difference in how long it takes to heal … thanks for the post

  7. It’s so important – and sometimes so hard – to give yourself the time to heal. These are great tips.

  8. These are great tips. Its important to remember to allow your body to heal at its own pace and not to push it.

  9. Most of my injuries have come from exercising at a gym actually. I never did get back into it after the last bout with physical therapy! I have never tried boxing either-I don’t think there are any like what is being described above anywhere near me.

  10. It is also tough mentally to get moving again once you’ve been injured. I fight knee pain, and it is a challenge to get motivated to go out and jog knowing it’ll hurt.

  11. Making sure you’re ready to get back to a workout after an injury can be so hard. Especially if you look forward to it & it’s a huge part of your day.

  12. This is very funny.. I popped my calf muscle when i was going to start at Title near my house.. If you are saying that they help with coming back from an injury, then maybe i should head over there and sign up!

  13. Great article! I know working out is hard enough when we are in perfect health, I can see how doing it with an injury would be tough for several reason. The gym sounds great – love that personal touch to help keep people motivated! That would help me!

  14. Sounds like a great place to train or rehab. Lots of emotional and friendly support which is so important. I look forward to reading “the final round.”

  15. With an injury it’s important to still be careful, never want to make it any worse than it already is.

  16. Mental psyche does have a lot to do with so many things. I’m glad you called it out as being important with physical recovery too.

  17. It’s hard to get in the right mindset to workout after an injury. I would definitely take it slow so I wouldn’t cause more damage to my injury.

  18. Working out after an injury and doing it the right way is crucial. Also taking the right supplements is important – things like Niacin (vitamin B3), vitamin C (ascorbic acid), MSM (natural sulfur), all these help the bones, joints and skin to heal much faster.

  19. Great post! A friend of mine had a very serious accident, and she took it slow and eventually was able to bounce back quickly! It’s important to take it easy, and seems like you know exactly what you are doing! Good luck!

  20. I think that motivation is key to working out. I also believe this post would be helpful for women who are recovering from C-section.

  21. “Fun, motivation and ability to see progress quickly” …. these seem like necessities for my workout regardless of injury so even more so with! I really need to get back to working out!!!

  22. I agree that workouts should be motivating. That is why I like to exercise outside the best. I love being outside in God’s creation! 🙂

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