Get Your Christmas Shopping Done NOW

countdownCountdown time means Crunch time. We are down to the wire when it comes to Christmas shopping. Are you finished yet? I have a few little items to pick up but for the most part I am done. But I have only been able to finish by using my computer and shopping online. There are some amazing sites that allow you to get the free shipping upgrade so that your package will arrive in time for Christmas. But unfortunately not all shopping sites offer that option so you need to check the shipping policy of the site you are shopping at. Most have shipping dates posted stating the last day to order for Christmas delivery.

But if you are not an online shopper, here are some tips to avoid the crowds. First, shop at the off hours. I have noticed that in my little town stores start to get busy and crowded around lunchtime. I try to avoid the stores at this time. I shop in the morning before lunch and I avoid the crowds and traffic. Also have a list of what you are shopping for in hand when you walk in the store. If you don’t then you will end up spending more time and money than you had allotted for your outing. This will lead to more stress. I don’t know about you but stress at this time of year turns me into a big old Scrooge.  There are many ways to get your shopping done now, you just have to find the one that works for you and get that shopping done.




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