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Today I am happy to have Max McGee, who is the General Manager at Title Boxing Cary guest posting for me. He knows a little about coming back from an injury as he broke his leg in three places during the winter. He had been so gracious to agree to write a post about how to fit workouts into your routine. This is also a two part post so if you missed the first round check it out here.

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Well at this point if you have shown up and gotten motivated enough to take a class, or start something new, it is more important than anything that you work at your own pace. At TITLE, we describe our workout as an individual workout in a group setting. Each person is there for a different reason and has different fitness abilities. We want you to work at your own pace and do what you can. If you need a modification for any reason (difficulty, injury, etc) just let the trainer know and he will give you something to do. Our trainers are there for that reason. Yes, they are there to push you, but they also know when something is a little out of your range and you need an alternate exercise. It is a comforting feeling to have someone help you like that when you are in a class with 25 people, but also because you will not be the only on doing it! With members that ages range from 7-75 years old and fitness levels range from triathletes to newbies you can feel comfortable doing your own thing, but be motivated by everyone else!

Now the part that everyone wants to know about…how do I see results quickly?!? The big thing that we do here at TITLE, you should use anywhere, is reevaluating those goals. If you have a leg injury should your goal be to run tomorrow or just walk faster than yesterday. Our workout  is set up to be free flowing…people going in and out throughout class. Starting off with a 15min warm up, moving into eight rounds of boxing, and finishing with 15mins of core work. This style is meant to engage your entire body, but more importantly, work at your own pace which allows you to see results quickly. Everyday someone comes up to me, “Hey I did more core today than I ever have before,” “Hey I did all the active rest today,” and on and on. People are motivated by results and if shift your focus from “I want to lose 20lbs” to “I want to box all 8 rounds today,” then not only will the weight loss come eventually, but you will hit that first goal quickly. This will motivate and empower you with that “what’s next step” philosophy that will help you recover from an injury or reach a fitness goal!

At the end of the day, if you don’t come to TITLE I will not be too heartbroken, (enter note here from Frugal Mom but he will tease you about it. Just ask my girls LOL. But it is all in good fun)  but I want you to think about what I said. Those of you who are looking to getting started on a fitness goal or injury recovery it is not about the end goal, but what is that next step. Find something that is engaging and motivating. Something that will change your mentality and habits so that you are comfortable working at your on pace and the results will follow!

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Max McGee is the GM of Title Boxing Cary.  The Cary location is the first  seven TITLE Boxing Clubs in the Raleigh/Cary/Greenville areas of North Carolina over the next three years. He is a graduate of UNC- Chapel Hill and has spent time working for the Carolina Railhawks as well as the Orlando Magic.

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  1. It’s nice to workout in a place where you can so freely talk to others and feel comfortable while doing so. Sounds like TITLE has some great classes.

  2. Wow, what a wonderful place to work on your fitness. I appreciate that they understand we are all at varying places with our fitness level. Holler if they start to expand out west!

  3. TITLE sounds like a great place! I like that they understand everyone is at a different level of fitness. Very compassionate in my opinion.

  4. Sounds like a great class. I actually do krav maga, which sounds similar except we probably grapple a little more and we do self defense.

  5. I love the idea of changing your goal from how much weight you want to lose to what kind of workout you want to accomplish that day. That’s a great tip.

  6. Reading this made me want to workout! If this is the kind of leadership at Title, I certainly would want to be a part of it if I were in the area. Great posts! Both of them.

  7. I think it is important to go at your own pace. Seems if you take it easy you get to where you want to be before you even know it. 🙂

  8. It seems as the have a unique and interesting concept… speaking of which, I need to head to the gym… NOW!

  9. I’ve always wanted to try boxing. Aside from being a great workout, it seems like a good way to release frustration too.

  10. I haven’t heard of Title before, but sounds like a great class. It’s great to know that you can work at your own pace.

  11. I have always wanted to take a boxing class they seem like so much fun. I will have to look in to ones around where I live in Oklahoma.

  12. Interesting. He does seem to stress that one should find something that is motivating to them and I agree with that, otherwise you may not stick with it.

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