Why Opt For Custom Made Mattresses

Why Opt For Custom Made Mattresses from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

Poll surveys by the National Sleep Foundation revealed that 92 percent believe that a comfortable mattress is essential for good night sleep. Related studies also indicate that an aging mattress can bring adverse mental health and breathing effects. Common effects of an old bed include body pain, deformation, allergies, joint soreness, hygiene issues, and lack of sleep. This is why you should consider opting for a custom made mattress that provides a sufficient level of firmness and flexibility for your sleeping position.

In other words, custom made mattress will enable you to design a bed that would suit your sleeping environment. Other than that, here are the reasons custom mattresses could be one of the best purchases you can make.

  • Suitable Size

A one size-fits-all-approach does not necessarily fit the bill when it comes to mattresses. A tailored mattress allows you to add an extra length to provide shelter for your height or an abbreviated width to fit a small room.

Interestingly, you can choose to customize the thickness of your mattress as well to give you more cushioned support. Plus, custom mattresses are made to fit into any bed base, thus, ensuring that you are making the most of the space in your room.

  • It Costs Less

In most cases, custom made mattresses can be obtained by working with a manufacturer like Fit Mattress, which means that you are eliminating the middle man. Bear in mind that intermediaries usually marked up their prices to increase their profits.

Moreover, directly buying from the manufacturer allows you to save money and invest in upgrades like an adjustable bed base or mattress protectors built to regulate airflow. Likewise, manufacturers also know their products, which makes it easier to find mattresses that can accommodate your needs.

  • It Brings A Host Of Health Benefits

Clinical findings show that custom made mattress reduces issues like back pains, neck distress, and sleep apnea. Remember that people suffering from irregular snoring or sleep apnea can develop symptoms that may impede the airflow in the lungs.

Also, tailored mattresses prevent the constant tossing and turning, therefore, assuring that you get a good sleep. Note that good sleep not only reduces stress and inflammation, but it also minimizes the risk of cancer, depression, and other mental health diseases.

How To Choose The Right Custom Made Mattress?

Initially, define your sleeping position and preferences before choosing mattresses from Fit Matress. For individuals who like a bouncy feel, opt for innerspring mattresses which are usually made with interconnected coils that are extra strong and can last for more extended periods.

Memory foam and air-filled mattresses, meanwhile, work splendidly for people who want a firmer base and have the desired amount of air inside. Also, air-filled mattresses allow you to tailor the thickness separately to fit with your inclinations.

Besides that, also consider your allergies before deciding on a mattress. For best results, choose latex or foam, which are both antimicrobial and can resist molds or dust mites.

Alternatively, choose air-filled with fiber bill or innerspring but make sure that it comes with an allergen-resistant cover to fight off irritants.

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