Can Sleeping Longer On A Mattress Make You Feel Better?

Can Sleeping Longer On A Mattress Make You Feel Better by North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

Wondering why you are not getting enough sleep? Well, you’re probably not using the right mattress. I found that rest and meditation are quite similar as they share several benefits. I struggled with back problems and lack of sleeping time before I replaced my old mattress. So, one day I decided to sit down with one of the experts from, and I learned some interesting tips.

I found that sleeping longer on your mattress comes with some amazing health benefits. Besides, its soft feel and enough cushion provide the comfort needed by your body. Other essential health benefits include:

Benefits of Sleeping Longer On a Mattress


Reduces Back and Joint Pain

One of the main reasons why I couldn’t sleep as much as I wanted to is because of the constant joint and back pains. By then, I hadn’t realized that my mattress needed replacement. So, when I finally decided to buy a new one, the results were quite impressive.

A good mattress offers your body enough comfort and support. This ensures that your spine is aligned correctly. It also takes care of your body’s pressure points by reducing pain caused by too much pressure on them. Now, I am free from the stiff necks I had when waking up in the morning!

No More Tossing and Turning!

I always woke up feeling a bit winded or tired. Of course, during the night, I couldn’t stay still as I kept moving from right to left in an uncontrollable manner. Once I learned that I needed to try out a different mattress, I finally got to taste a fantastic sleeping experience.

Other than just comfort, a good mattress makes sure that you sleep calmly throughout the night. I found that a great mattress should hold you in one place. It should reduce those “movement waves” that are often disturbing and uncomfortable. Eventually, you’ll wake up feeling energetic, healthy and ready to tackle the events of the day.

Reduced Snoring

Are you snoring too much? A mattress that’s too cushy or sinking could be the cause. Here, the weight of your body often digs into the entire sleeping surface. The situation hinders movement and even makes it hard for you to breathe. I went through such a scenario, and I could hardly sleep.

However, after learning my mistake, I decided to get an adequately aligned mattress. My family also complained that they couldn’t sleep because of my snoring. So, when I got a new mattress, they ‘secretly’ rejoiced. All in all, I can now sleep longer with clear breathing and because of proper body alignment!

What Do You Think Is The Best Mattress For You?

So, once you go looking for a mattress, I found that it’s better to see the one which works best for you. For instance, I love looking at what it feels like by doing various tests at the store. I even use my regular sleep body movements just to get the best from the bunch!

Gifting your body with long and quality sleep is essential. How else can you do this if not by sleeping on the best mattress? So, take the initiative and give yourself a better sleeping experience. It’s quite easy and if I could do it, you can too!

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