Why Buying a Mattress is Like Ordering a Taco

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Have you ever ordered a taco from Taco Bell? Have you noticed that most tacos come with a few main ingredients with a little extra added?  Most people often mistake Taco Bell as real Mexican food.  If you want the more authentic tacos, you need to go to a Mexican restaurant or better yet take a trip to Mexico. Because let me tell you the way my mother in law cooks if nothing like I have had at any Mexican restaurant.

Just like with tacos, you can choose to buy a mattress from one the discount stores that are offering a “great” deal on a mattress set. But sometimes those great deals don’t live up to their names. Believe me, I know, when we first got married we didn’t have a lot of money, so we had to buy one of those great deals. The top mattress was made an inch thick, and you could feel the box spring through it. I still don’t know how we survived with that mattress as long as we did. But don’t worry I did end up finding a good use for that mattress. You can see what I did here.

Back to buying a mattress, like I said you can choose to buy a mattress from a discount store or you can buy one from Tuft & Needle. With Tuft & Needle, first you won’t get a slim mattress. Next there are no gimmicks they believe that you don’t have to have a dog and pony show to sell their products. And the thing I love the most about them is there is no market up on their mattresses. I mean seriously how many companies do you know that pass on marking an item up. Not sure about this company, check out this video.

So tell me do you buy the real thing or a cheap imitation?

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