Why You Need to Have a Whole House Water Filter

Why You Need to Have a Whole House Water Filter from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

Water, the most vital nutrient that we human beings require and that’s part of our basic needs of life is highly contaminated at source these days. They are contaminated with industrial pollutants as well as other toxic waste in the environment. Most of the tap water that’s supplied to homes is susceptible to being contaminated. The contamination isn’t likely at the local water treatment facility but even lakes, rivers, and even groundwater, the primary sources of supply have become highly polluted. The contaminants are not just industrial pollutants but also chemicals that flow in from households, for example, the detergents that we use. In addition, there are natural minerals as well as pollution from acid rains as well as stormwater runoffs. All these expose us to hundreds of pathogens and can be hazardous to health. That is why it is important to get a reverse osmosis water filter for your household.

Technological advances in home use systems have seen the availability of a wide variety of whole-house water filters that we should probably start using to ward off these dangers. With multiple brands from manufacturers that include big names like 3M, and DuPont and a whole lot of small and medium manufacturers that are equally good, it can be a little difficult to choose between different systems. The best is to read up on whole house water filter reviews as also consult people who have already installed one in their homes to learn about the efficacy of these different models.

The Varied Contaminants Polluting Our Water

Although most of the pollutants are not likely to cause any immediate harm, prolonged use makes us susceptible to skin ailments as well as damages a lot of household appliances and fixtures. A perusal of the different contaminants would raise many an eyebrow. It is just that we aren’t aware and hence completely indifferent to the advantages of using a whole house water filter system.

Of all the ones, Microbial Pathogens are one of the worst offenders. These are organisms that cause serious diseases and include bacteria, parasites, and viruses. The next in terms of the lethal effect that it can have is Trihalomethanes.  This is commonly formed when water is treated with chlorine, usually drinking water. Disastrous would be an understatement when you consider the effects of various pesticides and insecticides that are commonly used as these tend to easily dissolve in water. These include gasoline additives and solvents.

Some of the other toxic materials commonly detected in household water that has been tested in laboratories across the world include toxic metals like lead, mercury, barium, and arsenic, some of which are highly radioactive too! Besides their devastating effects on human health, they also cause lime deposits and calcium build-up in your home appliances and fittings reducing their lifespan and causing severe structural damage.

How Whole House Water Filters Help

Normally we would assume that pollutants and contaminants in water would be regulated by law. The surprising fact is that though we do have control systems in place put in by public authorities, most of the contaminants mentioned above are yet to be regulated by law, thus offering little solace for us. The best alternative is to, therefore, use water filtration systems that could remove these contaminants. The filter candles used in the systems help get rid of these when water passes through the filters before being routed to the faucets and other appliances in your home.

For example, filters using carbon filtration methods can remove chlorine, chloramines, and most odor. Other filtration systems get rid of iron, fluorides, sediments, and bacteria. The type of system that you require is best determined by getting prior testing done from a water lab to know the contaminant components in your water source. Once you have the correct filtration system installed, it will not only help improve the taste of the water, but you will also find a significant reduction in the orange and brown stains that have been plaguing you to date and caused a lot of harm to your home and appliances. If stains have been a big problem, it is probably because of hard water. In such instances, get a water softener that comes with many of the whole house water filter systems. Most of all, when you get the correct filtration system, you would not only have a healthier lifestyle with your skin and hair free of contaminants, but you would also see the changes in that your clothes would now be softer after washes, brighter, and last longer as also would your house – free of the stains that had been spoiling the looks.

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  1. Thank for sharing this interesting info. I strongly recommend that if someone have enough money get a whole house water filter. Water have a lot of chemist and contamination.

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