What You Need To Do If Your Spouse Is Arrested

What You Need To Do If Your Spouse Is Arrested from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

Finding out that your spouse has been arrested can be terrifying and traumatic. Here’s what you need to do should you get that dreaded call.

Stay Calm

You will be scared and possibly angry, but the best thing you can do for your spouse immediately following an arrest is to remain calm. You will have plenty of time to ask questions and express your disappointment later. The first order of business is to let your spouse know that you are there for them. If your spouse calls from jail, keep the conversation short. Don’t ask for details of what happened. The conversation is being recorded and can be used against your spouse. Let them know that you will contact a lawyer and are on your way to jail. Keep in mind that there are approximately 10 million arrests in the United States each year. You are not alone. 

Hire an Attorney

Look for an attorney that specializes in the defense of the crime your spouse is being accused of in human trafficking, for instance. Do not delay in hiring an attorney. However, if you’re embarrassed in reaching out to the lawyer in person, make sure to look for other options. Like, many legal professionals have-  “visit here” option on their website so that you can read all about how they can help. Do not delay in hiring an attorney. You may just want to get to the jail and get your spouse home. However, having a lawyer there for any questioning and the first court appearance could prove invaluable, especially if your spouse has never been arrested before. They will be anxious and disoriented and will need someone who understands the process to guide them through it. 

Get Them Out of Jail

After the arrest, your spouse will be booked. That is a process where the police will gather personal information, take a photograph, and get fingerprints. Then the information is sent to the prosecutor’s office to determine whether to file charges. The prosecutor must make this decision within 72 hours (in some states it is 48 hours). If charges are being brought, there will be a hearing called an arraignment. At the arraignment, the charges will be read, your spouse will enter a plea and the judge will set bail. Bail is an amount of money paid by the defendant to ensure that they return to court for future hearings. If you are not able to pay the bail in cash, you can work with a bail bonds Twin Cities company. You pay the company a percentage of the bail, and they pay the court. 

Prepare for Court Hearings

Following the arraignment, there will be a pre-trial conference and hearing. Your spouse will have to appear, although there will be no testimony taken at this proceeding. The purpose is to see if the lawyers can work out a deal to avoid a trial. If not, the trial will be the next proceeding. If convicted, your spouse will have the right to appeal. These steps are time-consuming and can take a toll on your family. You and your spouse need to make plans for any potential outcome. Figuring out how to handle the financial impact will be a priority, but you will also have to decide what to share with family and friends. 

Staying calm and working through the steps together will help you and your spouse get through this difficult time.

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