Mattress Firm and Why More People Are Buying Beds

 Mattress Firm and Why More People Are Buying Beds from North Carolina Lifestyle blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

Mattress Firm is an American mattress store founded in 1986. As of 2016, the company expanded to 3,600 locations in different US states. This growth is credited to the company’s commitment to providing affordable sleeping solutions that can help their customers sleep better and live healthier. You can check a mattress firm review to know the available makes and models sold by this brand.

Aside from reputation and variety, there are many other reasons why consumers are buying beds from well-established companies. These reasons prompt homeowners and families, especially those who have a tight budget, to be careful with the mattress they buy. Buyers need to make sure that they’ll end up with a reasonably-priced mattress that meets their needs.

Usually, people buy a mattress because of these reasons:

1. Old Mattress

Mattresses, just like any product, have a limited lifespan. Regardless of the materials used in the mattress or how you take care of it, time will come when the springs of your mattress will squeak, and lying on it feels uncomfortable.

Replacing an old mattress is one of the most common reasons why people are now buying mattresses. Aside from being unattractive in the bedroom, an old mattress can result in severe body aches and pain. It’ll be hard to get some shut-eye if you’re sleeping on a bed that causes pain or discomfort.

Keeping an old mattress that doesn’t allow you to sleep well doesn’t serve its purpose and will only take up important floor space.

2. Age Concerns

Your body will have different needs as you start to age. You’ll have to pay more attention to your diet and lifestyle to ensure that these factors are apt to your age. As your body changes with age, your requirements in a mattress will also change.

It’s common for older adults and seniors to have sensitive bodies. As they age, the firm mattress that provides optimal comfort in the past might feel as hard as a rock. The bed that used to help them experience the best sleep quality might no longer provide comfort.

Aging will often motivate you to buy a bed. Since your body requires additional comfort and support, using a mattress that was purchased years ago might not be ideal. Moreover, sleeping on a mattress that doesn’t meet your needs as a senior can result in sleep deprivation. In some cases, this kind of mattress can even cause injuries or aggravate an existing health condition.

If you currently sleep on a coil mattress and notice that you wake up with back pains, consider switching to memory foam. Unlike a coil mattress, memory foam will contour to your body and provide support to your pressure points.

3. Frequent Allergies

The average person spends one-third of their life sleeping. If you regularly sleep for 8 hours every night, you will use your mattress for 229,961 hours throughout your lifetime. Over time, your mattress can turn into a breeding ground for dust mites. 

Here are some factors that could turn your mattress into a breeding ground for dust mites and allergies: 

  • Skin: During your sleep, your body will shed off microscopic flakes of human skin. This is usually caused by sweat and humidity. This process is harmless for humans, but over time, this can become the reason why you’ll suffer from allergies.

Dust mites and other pests can thrive by eating flakes of human skin. Once a single dust mite gains access to these flakes, it won’t be long before they breed and multiply in your mattress. 

  • Environment: The environment of your bedroom–often cold and dark–makes the area a suitable habitat for pests, too. Their presence can cause severe allergies and skin irritation.

People who often wake up with these allergies or mosquito-like bites on their skin will also be motivated to buy a mattress. This is especially true for moms who notice these symptoms in their children.

4. Health Improvement 

Quality sleep is essential to living healthily. Regardless of your diet and physical activities, if you’re losing sleep every night, you won’t be able to attain your fitness goals. When you sleep, the body renews its energy and repairs damaged muscles. This can result in improved mood and better body function.

People who want to live healthier will understand the importance of sleep, which is why they would invest in a high-quality mattress. This one-time purchase will be worth it as this mattress can significantly improve a person’s health and wellness.  

Consider Other Factors

Everyone needs a bed, but everyone will also have distinct preferences when it comes to the bed they want to use. Your definition of a “soft mattress” is likely different from your partner and kids.

When buying a mattress, make sure to consider the material, type, and size. The price and durability should also be considered. These factors can help you choose a mattress that fits your needs without compromising your budget. 

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