What to do in Naples with Kids

What to do in Naples with Kids From North Carolina Travel Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

Naples is a city in Italy that is filled with exciting and beautiful things to explore. It is a great place to travel with kids and you will find many things to keep them entertained. There are plenty of great places to stay and you can rent Italian country cottages, rustic villas, charming farmhouses or stay in a child-friendly hotel.

Here are some of the best things you can do in Naples with the kids.

 Take a Tour

Naples offers a lot of sightseeing tours. These tours have separate costs depending on the places and duration a family wants to visit. You can take a Pompeii and Mount Vesuvius tour, an Amalfi Coast tour, a Capri tour and other tours according to the providers you choose from.

Some of these tours will also provide traditional Italian food and wine tasting. All of these tours are kid friendly. You can also go on private tours just for you and your family which cost quite a bit more but are more flexible.

Visit The Museo Archaeologico

The Museo Archaeologico also was known as the National Archaeological Museum of Naples has an amazing collection of Roman, Greek and Renaissance sculptures and paintings. The architecture of the building and it has high domed painted ceilings. It is a fantastic place to learn Roman and Greek history.

Take a Ferry to Ischia

Ischia is in the Gulf of Naples and it is a beautiful volcanic island that is 30 kilometers off the coast of Naples. You can visit the medieval architecture of Aragonese Castle that has amazing views of the Maronti Beach where you can see hot springs bubble up. Archaeological Museum of Pithecusae is a small museum which has Ischia’s history in it. Visit the Hydrothermal Negombo Park to have a stunning view of the surroundings with crystal clear waters. Ferries are accessible from Naples to Ischia and it takes about an hour and a half to reach the island.

Trek Mount Vesuvius

Mount Vesuvius is an active volcano that destroyed the city of Pompeii. You can get to the edge of the crater and see the horizon from the top of this 1,281-metre mountain. You can book a guided tour to make your trek comfortable and tours include transportation to and from the hotel. You need to wear good walking shoes but the path to the top is not a difficult climb. You will enjoy the stunning view of the Bay of Naples and the city.

Explore Naples and its underground ruins

You can enjoy the culture and architecture of this city by walking through the city of Naples and the underground ruins of churches. You will pass through streets filled with historical sites, artisan shops and fantastic places to eat. Visit the Royal Palace of Naples which is a museum, Castel Nuovo which is a medieval castle and Piazza del Plebiscito which is a large public square. The network of underground tunnels in Naples is 40 meters below the city and it is a great area for people who are not claustrophobic.

As you can see, Naples is a great place to visit with kids, and the whole family can learn plenty from this fascinating place. If you are planning a trip to Naples, it is worth bearing in mind that the rail system doesn’t go to the airport, but Naples International Airport is only 20 minutes from Naples, so your main options are to rent a car, take a cab or go on the bus.

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  1. An excellent blog!! helpful to travel with family. I love to refer this information to my friend who is looking forward to travel Italy in the month of February.

  2. It’s an awesome blog! it’s very helpful. Its a really nice place to visit .we will definitely try to visit Nepal.

  3. I have visited to Naples last year with my kids it was so enjoyable, my children love the Neapolitan Pizza which we have eaten in Naples. Most enjoyable thing for me was climbing to the top of Mt. Vesuvius You can drive or take a bus most of the way to the top. Discover the history of Naples in an unexpected way by going underneath the city on a tour of the Napoli Sotterranea. As long as dark and narrow spaces don’t spook them, children often find these tours fascinating and fun:)

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