Best Summer Destinations for Senior Citizens in 2019

“Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry and narrow mindedness and many of people need it sorely on these accounts.”   -Mark Twain

Best Summer Destinations for Senior Citizens in 2019 from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

Irrespective of savings or age, many are quite fond of traveling. Some plan a vacation a year ahead. Some of them manage two or three or more vacations a year. Travelling does not intimidate old age, in fact, in later years of your life, you tend to gather more and more free times. After years of hard work, you can undoubtedly buy yourself a quality and rightful vacation which allows you to enjoy your life unconditionally. Certainly, you don’t need to plan a solo trip at this elder age, actually, what if, you can plan a duo trip? You can purposefully find yourself a potent partner from DoULikeSenior and both of you take some time off of your busy schedule and arrange a peaceful vacation all to yourselves. Nevertheless, you can arrange this vacation with your family members too or even you can manage a friends only trip. Among the many possible places to visit, followings are some wonderfully amazing places to go with your mature meat and bones.

Tuscany, Italy

At summertime, nature smiles upon this place with no parsimony. Tuscany is at its peak at this time of the year, a different set of colors arises with temperature rise. In Tuscany, some of the delicious places you don’t want to miss are – Pietrasanta, San Falano Abbey, Monte Argentario, Capalbio, Garfagnana, Puza Del Campo, Badia a Passignano, Monteriggioni. One common theme of these places is natural art embedded in them. They are artistically sublime.

Budapest, Hungary

This particular city of Hungary is literally a summer-city. In sunny days, Budapest offers many scientific pool baths and beach sessions. Also, you can hire a boat or can go out on a cruise to relish the marvelous scenario of the city with some wine or cocktail. This city is famous for its wine cellars. You can attend any wine testing session on an unscheduled evening with your partner. Budapest also is enriched with some ancient folk dance forms and many dance shows are held at this time of the year.


As the summer days are approximately 18 hours long, you can surely have lots of time at your disposal to have fun during the trip. Weather at this particular time is godly in this region and you can never deny the fascinating beauty that nature possesses in here. Plan ahead and plan it for a longer number of days because whatever time you arrange for Alaska, it will always feel tiny to wander and savor the vision of this place.

Tenerife, Canary Islands

An ideal tourist spot to explore in summer. Long beaches with both day and, attract many lively souls at this rocky island.

Fort Myers, Florida

Near the gulf of Mexico, this stunning tropical fairyland can excite you anytime especially in summertime for its abundance of entertaining activities. Edison and Ford Winter Staes, Imaginarium Hands on Museum are some of the famous places to visit.

At last, don’t be afraid of your senior years as they should be your advantage to travel with no such defining drawbacks. You should not shut out yourself from many earthly and heavenly experiences travel can grant you and makes you enrich with many possibilities and enormous wisdom.

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