What Do Pet Owners Look for in Dog Toys?

What Do Pet Owners Look for in Dog Toys from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

All responsible pet owners know that having toys around is essential when one has dogs in the home. Regardless of their age, all pups have a natural inclination towards chewing and playing, and it’s important to give them the proper outlets through which they can follow those instincts. Toys, therefore, help address a major concern for those who own pets: they help prevent dogs from developing behavioral problems that could become more of a challenge to correct later on. 

In the past, people shopping for dog toys usually focused on the price of the product and their pet’s size before choosing something off the rack. Nowadays, though, there is a noticeable trend among pet parents who choose to actively humanize their fur babies. They view their dogs as part of the family and show more concern for their health and well-being. Pet parents these days are also more educated about their pets’ needs and are therefore more discerning when shopping for products for their fur babies.

It’s safe to say, then, that retailers should be aware of the factors that make pet owners patronize certain types of products over others. With this information in hand, they can stock their shelves accordingly. Before buying wholesale dog toys to sell at your store, you’ll want to get a better idea of what works and what doesn’t. That said, here are the essential qualities that pet parents look for when shopping for dog toys:


Dog toys come in all shapes and sizes because one size simply doesn’t fit all—literally and figuratively. No two dogs will play and chew the same way. In the same vein, small toys won’t suit larger pets and vice versa. Additionally, dogs can feel bored, too. They can and will eventually get tired of playing with the same toy once it stops being stimulating or interesting for them.

For these reasons, pet parents nowadays often seek variety when they shop for dog toys. They may be more likely to buy more than one product so as to address different behaviors. However, some may prefer playthings that offer multiple benefits while also keeping their furry friends engaged and enthused.

In general, you should carry dog toys that are designed to be chewed, as it’s the most common pet behavior that usually requires an outlet. It’s also a good idea to carry brain games, puzzle toys, and toys that dispense treats. All of these can easily entertain a dog for hours on end while also helping to keep their mind sharp. 

Having a variation in the sizes and types of dog toys you carry isn’t the only factor worth remembering. Keeping an eye on the price range of the toys you sell is sensible, too. Some toys may not be very strong or durable but could be at the right price point for some customers.


There will always be an audience for dog toys that don’t cost much. A lot of pet parents out there don’t mind buying their fur babies a new plaything every time they wear out the one before it. In fact, they may even expect that all dog toys will wear out eventually, given the treatment they’re usually put through.

However, there is now also a growing customer base of pet parents who are willing to splurge on higher-quality dog toys. These customers are looking for options that are either more durable, more innovative, or some combination of both. The trick is to find the sweet spot that caters to both types of consumers. Pet parents may also be willing to spend more on dog toys that help address specific issues, ones that are made with environmentally-friendly materials, or those that are made in the USA.


It’s not just dogs that can feel boredom towards their toys. Unsurprisingly, pet parents feel it, too. Pet owners are spending more time with their fur babies than ever, and interacting with the same toys over and over can be repetitive. Retailers would do well to stock a wide variety of dog toys that can keep both a dog and its owner entertained and distracted.

“Indoor” dog toys are also very much in demand now that more people are staying at home due to the risks associated with COVID-19. It may be a while yet before certain outdoor activities are back to normal, leaving people and their pups without much to do while they’re confined to their backyards or the four walls of their homes. This is why pet owners are on the lookout for products that can offer a bit of exercise as well as entertainment to their pets. Having some of these types of toys on offer can help attract consumers who are seeking them specifically.

At the end of the day, you can expect most pet parents to want the best for their fur babies, including dog toys. In addition to being fun, they should also be durable—but above all, they’ll want dog toys that are pet-safe and won’t pose a risk to their pet’s life. Keeping these simple guidelines in mind should help immensely next time you’re stocking your dog toy inventory.

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