Wedding Trends For Bridesmaids

Have you noticed the trends with most weddings these days? As always brides pick their closest friends to be there to stand by them as they are taking one of the most important steps of their lives. It use to be that if one of those friends was in the family way aka pregnant, she was asked to do something other than be a bridesmaids. But brides today are breaking that tradition. They don’t care if one of their friends is expecting, they chose them anyway.

The bridal industry has taken this trend and have created fashionable maternity bridesmaid dresses, that not only flatter the mom to be but also makes the bride happy that her close friend is able to play an important part in her wedding. Don’t believe me just look at this pictures and tell me if you see a big fat blob or do you see something else?

floor length dress

I love the color of this dress and it very flattering.

classic black

And any bridesmaid pregnant or not know that you can’t go wrong with this classic chiffon dress.

And every one knows that the empire waist line is a mom to be’s best friend. Just look at this gorgeous dress.

empire dress

And let’s not forget that sheaths or draped gowns are also very flattering.

ones shoulder dress

And a little bit of gathering in the front can also be very flattering, so that belly is not taking the attention away from the bride.


So tell me what do you think of the trend of having pregnant bridesmaids in a wedding party? Do you think brides are spot on with this trend or do you think that the pregnant belly takes the focus off the bride? Have you ever been to a wedding that there has been a pregnant bridesmaid- if so what was she wearing? Inquiring minds want to know.

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  1. I’ve been to multiple weddings with preggo bridesmaids, one was even the maid of honor. She wore a cute dress that showed off her belly with an empire waist. I don’t think it takes away from the bride at all, I’m mean that mama can’t help her belly! 🙂 Good post, it will be interest to see what others think about this topic.

  2. I think this shows an advancement in the ways of thinking, and it’s great as long as the bride is happy. My mom grew up in a time and place where it was indecent just to say the word “pregnant”, and if you were in “that condition”, you should be ashamed and hide it.

    I was uninvited to a wedding in 2002 just because I was in “that condition”. Pregnancy can exclude you from enough activities, so it’s nice to see people are waking up and realizing that it’s not like you have leprosy or something.

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