The New Face of Gaming

The New Face of Gaming

Back when video games first came out, when you mention the word gamers, most people think of a young kid that sat on the couch. They would play their games through their gaming systems like the wii and the Xbox. But with the advancement in technology gamers no longer have to stay in a specific place to play their games. They now can play on the go and on their tablets or mobile phones. Plus, if they get stuck, there are sites like that allow them to buy extra items that they can use to speed things up and get past tricky levels quicker. And with that a whole new kind of gamer was born.

Tell me if you have seen this person. They can be in the grocery store waiting in line, at a doctor’s office waiting for their appointment or even riding in a car. Those places are the most prominent places they can be seen but this new kind of gamer is everywhere. They are normally dressed very casual and their hair is normally pulled back into a ponytail if it is long. They use playing games as a way to escape from their reality for a few minutes at the least. They would love to play in complete silence but sadly most of the time their gaming time is interrupted by one word. It is a word that the gamer could not wait to hear and now wish they wouldn’t hear it so much. Wondering what that word is? Why it is a three-letter words that can bring love and frustration to the gamer. And that word is MOM.

That right most gamers are moms. They play games because they can at least for a few minutes escape the reality of mom hood. If you are mom then you need to click here for mobile bingo. I think the technology of being able to play games on the go is just genius. I personally play games when we are in heavy traffic as a distraction from my husband’s driving. LOL But don’t tell him that is our little secret. So tell me do you  like to play games?

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