Your Baby is Getting Married: Amazing Insights for the Mother of the Bride or Groom

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So it’s THE big day. You’re nervous and jittery because you’re all emotional on getting to see your baby getting married! Your daughter is so grown up. You still can’t shrug off the day when she used to go to school holding your hand and now she’s big enough to lead her own life. From helping her choose a dress to giving honest advice on planning her wedding day, there’s so much to do as the mother of the bride.

Below are some insights that will help you shine throughout the wedding day while making sure your daughter’s big day goes as special as she is!

Help Out

As a mother, you’ll be having some heavy-duty responsibilities on your shoulders. Offer your help. However, do not just throw a general statement “If you need me, I’ll be there for you.” Offering specific help like helping with the color scheme, tasting the food, and dealing with flower vendors is worth it.

Give Honest Advice

If the bride asks your opinion about her dress, don’t be afraid to share your honest opinion. It may be that she is banking on you for hearing some frank advice! Chances are, you’re one of the most trusted persons for her and she is depending on you to guide her about the right dress to go for!

Slay It with a Color Scheme

You might want to wait for the bride to select her own dress before choosing your dress. In this way, you can see what color scheme is chosen for the event and you can pick your dress accordingly.

As the mother of the bride, you’ll be the center of attention and you have to slay it with your dress as well as makeup. Choose it with the help of the decided color scheme. Also, take advice from your daughter. Show her your selected options and ask her advice about which one she likes the best.

You can also ask her to go out shopping with you. Involve her in shopping for your dress and enjoy the light moments before the wedding!

Be Gentle

Everyone’s emotions are running high so if you’ve something important to say to the bride, do so in a gentle manner. She’d understandably be more stressed out than usual so talk to her sweetly and in an open and understanding manner.

Respect the Opinion of the Bride

To you, she may still be the little girl, but show some trust, and you’ll be amazed just how responsible your daughter is now in handling everything perfectly.

While you may be spending the money, the bride will want the wedding to be according to her wishes.  It’s her time so let her arrange it according to her choice.

Don’t Compare

Comparing has never helped. Comparing this wedding to someone else’s will just leave a bad taste. So, set your own standards that reflect how amazing the wedding can be!

The Bottom Line

While you may be even more stressed out as the wedding day is getting nearer, it’s a good idea to take weddings as they’re supposed to be taken: enjoy creating memories and have fun. Whether it’s endless shopping or venue decoration, take everything in stride and enjoy the lighter moments. All the best!

[info_box type=”pale_box”]Mia Clarke works in the wedding industry. She writes for a selection of wedding and women’s lifestyle blogs sharing her top tips for brides-to-be.[/info_box]

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