Getting in Shape With V8

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With the new year comes a new soccer season. Everybody knows that soccer or fútbol is the official sport of Mexico. I think my husband’s love of fútbol aka soccer trickled down to my oldest two daughters. Mikaela, my middle daughter, is now preparing for her final high school soccer season. (Mikaela has always been the one closest to her dad so she looks at playing soccer / fútbol  as part of her Mexican heritage.) So she wants to eat healthier. In this same vein of thinking, I decided that 2016 would be the year that I would take control of my health as well.

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So now that we are the middle of our getting healthy journey. We have totally cut out any kind of soda from our diet. But sometimes water can be just blah …. you know what I mean it absolutely has no flavor or taste. Sometimes you just have to have something to drink that has a little bit of taste to it. One day while shopping at my local Walmart I found myself on the juice aisle. I know what you are thinking juice, that’s a lot of sugar. But as I was looking around on the aisle I came across several varieties of V8 juice blends that I had never heard of before. When I think V8 I think the slogan- I could have had a V8. And then I think tomato juice, which frankly  I am not a fan.

Getting in Shape With V8

So when I saw that they now have a Veggie blend, I decided to check it out further. Those blends sounded and looked  yummy, Carrot Mango, Mandarin Orange Kiwi, Healthy Greens, Golden Goodness and Purple Power. Before I knew it I found myself in the self-checkout line at Walmart with several of these 46 oz bottles in my cart. After all the diet I am on requires me to have 4 servings of vegetables a day, it doesn’t say that I can’t drink them.

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So I happily arrived at my house and poured myself a big glass of the Golden Goodness and man was I blown away by the taste. It was the if you ask me. Who knew that juice blends could taste this good? And it was just what I needed when I craved something that has a little flavor and add to that the taste  was totally awesome. I am like the character in the Dickens’ novel asking “Please sir can I have more?” Yep, it was that awesome and normally I don’t like vegetable juices.

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Not only are we watching what we eat, we are also exercising. When my oldest moved out we made her room into the exercise room. I had bought a treadmill several years ago but hardly ever used it. And then one day while browsing on the web I saw where someone who lived near me was giving away a used stationary bike so I asked for it and got it. That is in the room as well. But for years, I haven’t even used the thing and it just sat there. However this year, I have put both to good use.

Getting in Shape With V8 Workout Log

But wanting to be more accountable in getting my daily exercise  and making sure I am drinking enough water, I made this weekly workout log. And guess what it is printable!  So how about that. You can use it as well. I put mine in a page protector and use a dry erase marker to keep track of my weekly exercise. And at the end of the week, I just erase and start all over again.

So have you tried the new V8 Veggie Blends? Which blend is your favorite?

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